Which is the best platform to develop a Mobile App for Business?
Which is the best platform to develop a Mobile App for Business?

Picking up the right app development tool is critical for part of building a functioning app. Many factors come into play when you are thinking about Android App Development. Likewise, you should use Xcode when you are building an app for iOS. However, modern development technology means you can develop apps for both functions simultaneously. It makes it easier for developers because they don’t need to go through the same process twice.


Four main factors influence your decision:

1. Speed considerations

2. Future support

3. Framework risk

4. Cost of building apps


Titanium SDK 

The Titanium SDK functions using JavaScript, and it’s straightforward to create apps for both iOS and Android. You can also reuse most portions of the same code for all your apps. The product is also open-source, and it is excellent if you are planning an iOS App Development. You can also repair bugs and glitches and also drag and drop templates. In addition to JavaScript, it also allows you to use other codes.



If you are planning to build a gamers app, consider the Unity3D framework for development. It is an incredible cross-platform tool that comes with outstanding graphics, and you can use it as more than just a mobile app. You can develop seventeen platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation, Linux, Xbox, Wii, and Web. Also, you can track this app using analytics and get social shares.



If you are using HTML, use Sencha for app development. There are many different products for developers like Ext Js 5, and it works well with other devices and platforms. It will also boost your productivity and offer various pre-built elements that will save your time. Once you develop the code, you can use it for both iOS and Android platforms. In addition to coding, you will have access to design tools and create reusable themes without writing any code. Sencha also comes with great testing tools, which will reduce your costs and time associated with testing.



Corona is a simple app, which doesn’t have too much of a learning curve, and it’s straightforward to use. The platform is used for 2D games and suitable for high-quality graphics, allowing you to engage in faster coding. Corona uses Lua as its programming language and is written in C command. Lua works well with mobile apps and doesn’t have an extensive digital footprint.


React Native

React Native is an open-source platform for development. It is backed by Facebook and is probably one of the best frameworks for Android App Development. What’s more, the framework depends on a vast JS library for building iOS and Android apps. It makes the process quicker and cost-effective. React Native comes with an in-built UI structure and APIs that give Android apps a natural look and excellent performance. The framework is a perfect choice for many companies like Instagram, Airbnb, and Tesla to build their mobile apps.


JQuery Mobile

If you don’t want your hands tied during iOS App Development, JQuery Mobile offers an excellent solution. It also works perfectly for other platforms like Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Firefox. Building apps is simple in this framework with ThemeRoller. It allows any developer to create an exquisite design without overwriting languages. Moreover, the framework is powered by the Ajax navigation system, which plays a crucial role in devising smooth animation and keeping the app free from errors.



The usefulness of mobile devices decreases when you don’t build an app. Mobile apps stream our lives and keep us entertained. Mobile application development frameworks are the foundation on which you can make a great app. So, you need to choose it carefully for your next development project.

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