Enhance User Experience in Mobile Apps with Live Chat Feature
Enhance User Experience in Mobile Apps with Live Chat Feature

Are you still lagging in creating one for your brand? Well, the importance of a mobile app cannot be emphasized enough in a world where everyone owns a smart mobile phone. With a successful Mobile App Development comes the dire need of providing users with impeccable services and facilities to leave behind a good impression. One such significant feature is a live chat feature. Let’s know a few fundamental benefits of a live chat feature in a mobile apps.

Benefits of Integrating Live Chat Feature

Integrating a live chat feature in a mobile application is very beneficial for the following reasons –

In-App Customer Support

With an in- mobile apps chat feature, your customers can get support without ever leaving your app. Several business apps direct the customers to an external link that potentially disrupts their attention and experience. Therefore, an integrated chat feature can make communications better.

Enhances Marketing Goals

A live chat feature is not just an efficient way to provide customer support. In addition, the app owner also uses it as a supplement to lead generation efforts by proactively informing users. With the live chat feature, the app owner can easily connect with the audience and the user thus, increasing their marketing goals.

Better User Experience

Customers want to interact with apps that offer a pleasant experience. Additionally, they expect additional support for any query in addition to highly personalized experiences. For higher user experience, developers could use live chat features to track user behavior and provide personalized shopping suggestions based on the visitors’ browsing histories.

Diminishes Negative Reviews

If there isn’t enough in-mobile apps support, users can potentially have a negative experience, restricting others from downloading the app. However, if there is in-app support, addressing the concerns of users becomes facile.

Increased Conversion

Increased conversion is possibly the biggest reason why you should get in-app chat facilities. Chat service will help you to keep in touch with your users constantly. It is important to give your customer a good experience to increase conversion and improve your customer satisfaction metrics.


Whether it’s your android application or iPhone application, including the use of the live chat feature is of prime importance. With a live chat feature, your brand and app can potentially witness huge success. Today, over 95% of the customer talks of a good and satisfactory experience when it comes to the live chat feature. Besides, the competition for mobile apps has witnessed such a speedy rise that to outshine amongst others, you have to integrate and include the newest features for a better user experience.

Requirements For Chat Features

During your Mobile App Development, when you want to integrate a chat feature, you can consider the following things –

Time is of the Essence:

Most people are online all the time on mobile. Whenever you enable the chat feature on your mobile app, always ensure someone to chat back with.

Know Your User:

A good chat feature should always include the users’ location, platform, and a set of data specific to the product.

Stay Connection:

when the user loses phone connection or internet connection, it could be a great loss. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain multiple connections, switch between WiFi and mobile 3G and 4G networks, and manage private firewalls, among other things.


With the help of on-time responses and immediately addressing users’ queries, you can successfully ensure a seamless experience for your users. A good Mobile App Development must be well-designed, including all the essential features contributing to an attractive app.

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