Must-have Features for A Healthcare App that You Need to Consider
Must-have Features for A Healthcare App that You Need to Consider

Top Technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality have magnified mostly all business fields, the healthcare industry is not an exception to this. Today, people can consult with certified doctors even without stepping out of the home. Patients and doctors can connect easily with well-featured, scalable, and reliable healthcare apps. Along with virtual communication, healthcare apps also manifest other amazing benefits.

Healthcare applications render benefits from diagnosing diseases to on-demand doctor booking, e-prescriptions, etc. You need to utilize secured and trending technologies to curate a feature-rich application, but what features are must-haves, to compete with competitors and stand upfront in the market. Let’s get started:

1. Decide the Goal of Your Healthcare App:

First thing first, you need to decide for what purpose you want to create a medical app. You need to recognize the grounds of your app. A healthcare app can render different purposes. You can create:

a. App for Doctors:

Doctor-centric applications are more complicated and accommodate advanced features. This includes doctor profile management, schedule management, and decision support systems. From a list of doctors, assigning a qualified doctor according to patient needs is a complex task. The unique and powerful features make it challenging for healthcare app developers.

b. App for Patients:

This type of application focuses on patients and common users, who either want to consult with a doctor or want to track their health conditions. The common features are appointment scheduling, Wearable Integrations, Medicine reminders, and a one-click ambulance. Depending on your business requirements, you can implement as many features as you want to provide ease to your audience.

c. Healthcare Information System:

This kind of application stores doctors’ and patients’ information to help them effectively. Such systems can also be used to efficiently manage reports and inventories.

2. Eye-Catching UI/UX Designs:

The first thing that your users come in contact with your app is its User Interface and User experience. It is the look and feel of your application, and how sufficiently your application responds. The app design plays a primary role in app success. mHealth apps must be working flawlessly and navigation should be seamless to provide a better user experience. Also, pay attention that your app is responsive to each kind of device. You need to ensure that your designed app is compatible with each device.

3. Diagnosis and e-Prescription:

Your mHealth app should be able to diagnose a user’s health, schedule an appointment with the best-suited doctor, e-Prescription, medicine reminders, and diet & nutrition advice. These are some of the basic features that your audience will require. The more comfortability and features you provide to your audience, the higher the success rates of your application.

4. Security:

Security here collectively means data security, location security, payment security, etc. The data stored on your app is not of a single person but a large group of patients, doctors, and medical institutions. Here, privacy and data security become the priority. Along with the data security, you need to pay attention to the app security also. Keep your app safe from viruses, and malware threats.

5. Wearable Integration:

Design and develop your healthcare app in a way that it can be integrated with wearable devices. Health trackers and smartwatches can help you gather critical data. Based on this data, you can provide more features like diet and exercise routines and provide more personalized and favorable features.

6. Live Consultations with Specialists:

Choosing a live consultation feature will be a bonus point for your app. When it comes to health, everyone becomes serious. They need who can carefully listen to their problems, and you can benefit your business by providing them feature live consultation via voice, chat, or video.

7. Profile and Schedule Management:

Manage doctor and patient profiles efficiently and based on the effectively stored data, you will be able to easily schedule the doctors. Depending on the doctor/specialist’s availability, you can schedule the patient consultation session. You can also provide paid sessions or subscriptions, or you can categorize between premium and basic healthcare services to assist them better.

8. Use of Block-Chain:

Blockchain is a robust and emerging technology in the mobile app development industry. The main prospect of the technology is to secure the application and create well-synchronized healthcare applications. Blockchain technology works on a cryptographic network to make transactions secure.

9. Integration with AI & ML:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are capable of dealing with a large amount of data. With unified models, it can bring useful business insights into the big and unstructured data. These latest technologies can help in making mHealth app users informed of various health problems in advance. The solutions enabled with AI & ML can help doctors to achieve more accurate results in a short time.

10. Report Management:

One of the key features that you should create in your healthcare app. Offer customized and personalized reports, with great report aspects, to popularize your application. Along with report management, create a feature for inventory management. Manage the inventory system accurately to avoid any conflict.

Know the Demand:

To render healthcare services, there has been a big hike in the demand for healthcare applications. You need to first gather your requirements and then step further to choose an app idea like:

a. On-Demand Doctor App

b. Medical Training App

c. Medical Reminder or Health Checkup Reminder App

d. Health Recordkeeping App

e. Healthy Lifestyle and Dieting App

f. Diagnosis App

Bottom Line:

App store and play store are flooded with such healthcare applications, henceforth it is not easy to intensify your application and grab the targeted audience. The features and type of healthcare app depend on your business requirements and expectation of your desired mHealth app. You need to work with expert designers and developers to make a successful application. Hire developers from a reputed mobile app development company to curate what you think.

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