Best Framework to Opt while Developing Progressive Web Apps in 2021
Best Framework to Opt while Developing Progressive Web Apps in 2021

Nowadays, having a website becomes a must in businesses. With the growing popularity of smartphone applications and mobile websites, web developers find it harder to provide a user experience having both features. And, then Progressive Web App or PWA takes place as a miracle and changes the scenario. It becomes a popular web development trend providing a marvelous user experience across mobile devices and enabling multiple business expansion features. In this writing, we will see some of the best PWA frameworks, but before that, we need to discuss the basics.

What are the Progressive Web Apps or PWAs?

Progressive web apps result from unique cross-platform app methodologies, allowing the users to install the web pages to their devices through a web browser. In simple words, it is a hybrid of native apps and mobile websites using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., to deliver an app-like user experience. It comes with combining features of an application and web browser, such as increasing loading speed, offline functionalities, search engine discoverability, etc., that helps in business growth and expansion. Tech giants like Twitter, Alibaba, Trivago, etc., have already included PWAs in their businesses for connecting with global audiences.

What are the Best Frameworks for Developing Progressive Web Apps in 2021?

By leveraging the advantages of the best progressive web apps, you can provide an extensive user experience to your customers, which will make them spend more time on your product pages and increase your sales. There are plenty of PWA frameworks available on the internet, but choosing the right one from this comprehensive list is not easy.

Hence, we have pointed out the top five frameworks for developing PWAs to the following,


It is one of the popular PWA framework choices of web developers, released by Facebook. It comes with a popular open-source front-end JavaScript library widely used for creating excellent UI components, which makes it a perfect framework for creating single or multi-pages web apps. A progressive web app react is robust and comes with high flexibility and scalability, and other benefits that help the businesses.


It is also a popular open-source front-end PWA framework based on JavaScript, supported by Google. It creates outstanding PWAs through a JSON configuration and eliminates the need to develop the app from scratch. Since Google is the one who supports and maintains the codes, PWAs made with angular come with smoother operations and support.


It is another open-source front-end PWAs framework, based on JavaScript, distributed under the MIT license. It comes with plenty of advantageous features such as simplistic coding, routing, high-speed rendering, and more, making it one of the popular web frameworks for beginners. For its simple coding features, it comes as one of the top choices of developers.


This open-source SDK is based on Apache Cordova and AngularJS, widely used for developing hybrid web apps. It comes with an extensive library of web components for Android and iOS, making it ideal for PWA development. You can also use Ionic to create web pages that run inside the device browser with the help of WebView.


This open-source web framework is also developed by Google, featuring a range of templates, PWA tools, and web components, using HTML, JS, and JSS, making it an independent web app framework. The tools and components of Polymer are supported on multiple web browsers such as Chrome and Opera, making it a highly accessible and adaptable progressive web apps framework.


These are the top five PWA frameworks you can opt for while developing a progressive web app for your business. With the extensive features and innovative UX, AR will help you reach your global audiences and expand the business efficiently.

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