Tips to Increase the Customer Retention Rate of your iPhone App
Tips to Increase the Customer Retention Rate of your iPhone App

One of the most important metrics for mobile app makers is the retention rate. This component is imperative to LTV or lifetime value. There are many ways to keep people engaged with your app. Creating a user-friendly interface with a high-quality experience is a few prerequisites. Still, there are undoubtedly other things that will increase app retention, thereby boosting your revenue as well as brand loyalty.

First Up, Let Us Discuss What the Retention Rate Is…

According to experts who understand iPhone application development, the retention rate is the percentage of users running your app after a certain period, which could range between a day, a week, and a month. It goes without saying that the longer a user can be retained, the higher the revenues will be. Having a growth in the number of retained users is a significant parameter to understand the app’s success rate. As per research, if a 26% app retention on day one would reduce to 11% app retention on day 7. By the 30% day, the retention rate would range down to 30%. It is essential to keep in mind what category your app belongs to. A weather app will have regular retention because people might check the weather regularly, but the same cannot be said for a hotel booking app as it is not used frequently.

So how can you increase the customer retention rate of your iPhone app?

First up, you might need to hire help from professionals who understand iPhone app development. There are many iPhone app development companies that can provide you with some much-needed aid in this department. These are a few points that you can discuss with them to make your app a big hit!

Optimizing the On-Boarding Process

Did you know that most people uninstall an app immediately after installing it because they don’t find the interface appealing or confusing to use. It would help if you simplified things while keeping the interface pleasing to the eyes. Have minimal steps to create a user. Allow users to sign up with existing social media handles to simplify the on-boarding process. Also, keep the tutorials short and straightforward.

Push Notifications are a Boon

Push notifications are auto-generated messages which grab the user’s attention while prompting them to go to the app. However, sending too many of them can be very annoying, to keep it to one or two a day.

Personalized Touches

Most of the prominent app designers use personalization as their masterstroke. According to experts, 91% of users respond to apps that send them customized push messages and newsletters. It is a very appealing tool and keeps the users engaged while browsing. Making relevant suggestions improves the user’s experience.

Reward Schemes and Loyalty Programs

Don’t we all get excited to receive personalized vouchers and exclusive deals? Those who understand iPhone app development know the importance of this point. Most users won’t abandon a good deal. Likewise, encouraging users to spend more time by offering them a reward, in the end, is always an excellent idea.

Introducing Fresh Content

Adding new elements, fresh music, making subtle changes to the user-interface, and unique visuals will push users to check them out, thereby spending more time on your app. The idea is to add as much content as possible to ensure that the users come back to check it.


iPhone application development is not easy. People spend years understanding the workings of it. User retention is a significant part of iPhone app development and must not be neglected at any cost.

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