Learn backend development and skyrocket your career today!
Learn backend development and skyrocket your career today!

With this era of digitalisation, learning backend development can be one of the best investment you do for your career! A good backend developer earns approx. 60$-100$ an hour while working on a major project. Backend developers work in close association with frontend developers and create amazing web designs. Backend programming can be classified into object-oriented or functional. The first one lets you develop languages in a set order and the latter one uses functional programming code to execute the tasks.

Different Types of Backend Languages
There are many varieties of backend languages. Some of these are:

It’s one of the most used languages and considered as the most flexible programming code. Java has a large community and online tutorials that are solely developed to improve the language. Java lets you do multiple front end tasks like website development, networking, and processing of GUI programs.

PHP is a core language and finds multiple uses and offers a variety of solutions. There are many resources of PHP and the language regularly goes through numerous updates. Setting up PHP is much more easily compared to other programming languages and much more updated. You can easily do dynamic content for websites and write server-side scripts with these languages.

This is yet another web application framework that helps build websites like visual basic and use MVC architecture language pattern. It is a quite a responsive choice and is used by websites.

Skills for Becoming Backend Developer
One of the foremost skills is that you should know some programming language like JAVA, PHP among others. Becoming a core programmer helps you to grasp the language better and helps you to work well with web applications.

Knowledge about SQL and Query Language
It is also essential to know some database languages like MySQL, Oracle or Redis. Knowledge of these languages helps you to understand the website programming better and help you to become a fantastic developer.
Role of Backend Developers
Backend developers readily work with codes to create and manage web applications. Backend developers also help to increase the response time of the website and manage API across devices. They are also sought after for building the overall structure of the website. An organization works with both front and backend developers and might also need the support of engineers.

Where Can You Learn?
You need some formal certifications for qualifying for this role. Apart from a university degree, you should be certified from a recognized institute. There are lots of premium institutes available that renders this training. You can also get yourself certified online. If you are thinking of a career in this field, there are loads of opportunities awaiting you with huge perks?

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