Reasons why Businesses use Animation Services for Digital Presence
Reasons why Businesses use Animation Services for Digital Presence

Animated videos are becoming very popular in the field of digital businesses, communication, and PR-related areas. According to statistics, over 90% of marketers depend on video making for advertising. In addition, around 53% of customers engage with a brand when they watch videos on social media or YouTube. Since 2016 the digital video advertising market has increased by 53%, according to Smart Insights.

To know more about why your business needs Animation Services to create engaging video ads, go through the following points.

Animated Characters Boosts Communication

Characters of your ad tell the story and uncover the ideas. The events that happen to them or happen through them are how we connect ourselves to the story. Our empathy creates an illusion within our minds, and we experience the emotions within ourselves. This way, a good advertisement can communicate with people and convey the message. Animation characters are attractive and often cute, so they gain our attention more easily.

Increase Website Conversion Rates

Your potential consumer landed on your website; now what? If your customer doesn’t take action, there is no way you can increase your business. While over 60% of customers nowadays buy products after watching one or multiple videos, you need an engaging way to make your potential customer stay longer. Also, when a visitor is staying on a site for over 2 minutes, it is more likely he is going to buy.


Enhances Social Engagement

Usage of animated videos can boost up your brand’s both social media image and reliability. Animated videos are fun and normally more shareable than any regular videos. While more than 90% of people share multiple videos online every day, your brand needs to fall under that so that a viewer of your video can earn you more viewers. While it is proven that animated videos are more shareable, it would be beneficial to opt for Animation Services to boost up your brand’s shareability.

Widespread The Story And Idea

The story and idea of a brand and its products attract customers and increase the brand image. The more shares you get on social media, the more people come to know about your story. The well-known story and the widespread video of your ads can earn your customer’s reliability within a moment. This increases the brand value in the mind of the customers. That’s what you need to gain more business.

Improve SEO

If you have animated videos on your site, it will show the search engines like Google that your site is enriched with text content and multimedia content. This way, your site can earn more trust from the search engine algorithm. While the Search engine algorithm is on your side, any new post you make, any new page you launch, everything will be crawled & indexed quickly. Also, this way, your website ranking would improve with time, and your site would be better ranked than your competitors.

Humorous And Funny

If you deliver your message or idea more humorously, it is much more accepted by corporations and regular consumers. Most people like the humorous deliverance of the message, and this way, it also sticks in mind for a longer time. With a funny video, it makes your brand look more confident about their products. Using humor, you can find new communication methods with the consumers and stay relevant for a longer time.


Delivering the message to the target consumers while entertaining them is the advertising motto. With Animated videos, it became more accessible, as people of any age can enjoy them and remember them for a longer time. Such animated videos make the consumer share the video with other people for fun and open a new way of networking for you.

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