Role of Augmented Reality in Enhancing Experience in Travel and Tourism Business?
Role of Augmented Reality in Enhancing Experience in Travel and Tourism Business?

In the past few years, Augmented Reality has received a significant breakthrough, thanks to the advancements in smartphone technologies! It is among those young technologies that will make the future more functioning. AR has been immensely beneficial for marketers and businesses and marketers. Likewise, travel-based industries have also drawn out huge benefits from AR. AR can enhance the selling experiences of these travel industries.

Know What is Augmented Reality:

Must you have heard of or ever enjoyed playing Pokemon Go? It is a classic example of AR technology.

  • Augmented reality is a digital technology that can change a person’s perception of their physical surroundings.
  • You will need specific devices, typically like smartphones or similar devices, to experience AR.
  • This technology often works hand-in-hand with other mobile technologies, including GPS tracking and cameras.
  • However, AR is quite similar to virtual reality but does not replace the real-world environment.
  • Instead, AR augments the real-world environment by overlaying digital components.

Importance of Augmented Reality in the Tourism Sector:

The travel sector is one of the most researched industries. Customers have lots of information before they decide to travel or visit a place. This is where AR makes a heroic entry to ensure sufficient information is available to the customers- whenever they need it! It adds a zing to the experience by offering more engaging and interactive information to the customers. Moreover, AR gives the tourism industry a boost by supporting it with new styles of customer service.

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  • AR can cut down the language differences. When in a foreign country, travelers can use AR technology in their smartphones to translate foreign languages.
  • AR apps ensure that no traveler gets lost. AR adds digital components like arrows, integrates, and combines smartphone cameras with digital maps to improve the navigating experience.
  • Augmented reality can be used for marketing and advertising travel and hotel accommodations. All-round room tours can be arranged with AR.
  • Transportation can also make good use of AR.
  • Traditional excursions to travel attractions can be more engaging with AR. Travelers can get a 3D experience of the places, travel back in time, and get guided tours.

Check Out the Types of Augmented Reality Travel Applications:

Here are the types of Augmented Reality applications used by the tourism industry:


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, abbreviated as SLAM, is the most modern AR technology. It uses complex algorithms to identify patterns, colors, and other aspects of physical objects.

Location-based Apps:

These apps can track locations. They run primarily on GPS, digital compass data, or accelerators. You can use these for navigation applications or AR-based city tours.

Marker-based Apps:

They can sense any object in front of the camera and offer on-screen information. The markers may be physical objects, codes, or printed images. They are most commonly used in travel applications.

Augmented Reality During the Crisis of COVID19:

The news of COVID19 is all over the news. It has changed how we experience and interact with the world. With lockdown measures and social distancing, we are from returning to the normalcy we are used to. However, Augmented Reality has kept us socially distanced yet virtually connected! AR can take us to new places and help us experience the world from a safe distance!  Even a global crisis cannot hold back the human desire to seek and experience new places! The tourism business has started to use AR to offer virtual tours to its customers! There is no doubt that the role of the newly discovered AR in travel apps is going uphill continuously.

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