7 Security Issues that Needs to be Considered for Mobile App
7 Security Issues that Needs to be Considered for Mobile App

The advancement of technology has ushered in rapid mobile app development. Of course, these developments have improved the features, but have you ever thought about the growing security threats that lurk behind?

A mobile app development company has to guarantee a mobile app’s security to safeguard its business reputation. If the mobile app fails to deliver a better firewall, it will lead to data cracks and revenue loss. In this blog, we will present the 7 deadliest risks that might kill your app and find solutions to help you avoid them.

Weak Communication Channels

Most mobile apps transfer data through client-server networks. It travels through the internet and the carrier network to bring you the required information. Attackers will exploit the vulnerable carrier network and intercept data during its journey. The threats against ineffective communication include:

  • Spyware on your gadget
  • A malicious attacker who shares your local network or wifi
  • Cell towers, proxy servers, or routers might be compromised

Most Android App Development uses SSI/TLS during the authentication stage but not elsewhere. Use strong cipher suites with appropriate vital lengths and secure connections after authenticating with the endpoint server.

Low-Level Authentication

Low-quality authentication allows spyware to control the backed anonymously. Mobile internet connections are not reliable like the old web ones, which means you would need offline authentication.

A Mobile Application Development should focus on creating loopholes and limit unrestricted access. Keep your password policy strong so that it can’t be broken easily. Also, consider using multiple authentication steps to make your apps more secure. You can achieve this through an OTP login or biometrics.

Data Seepage

Unintentional data leakages might occur when you ensure connection for your apps. It makes data readily available to everybody leading to unauthorized use. Data leakage can be caused by OS bugs and not in the hands of Android App Development builders. But you can take appropriate steps to avoid uploading sensitive data on your site.

Client Codes

Code securities issues are typical while developing mobile apps. Many of these take time to detect because you need to use manual codes and perform a fuzzing analysis. You can use automated tools, but they are alone not sufficient to prevent security bugs.

You should maintain a consistent coding practice level while using buffers to validate the incoming buffer’s length. Hire a company specializing in static analysis that will review your codes and identify the threats.

Missing Input Validation

Input validation checks for properly formed input data and rejects malformed data containing a harmful code. When a Mobile App Development Company doesn’t validate inputs properly, it will inject malicious data inputs, which will gain access to sensitive data on your device. Implement robust input validation techniques like XML Schema and JSON Scheme. Use maximum and minimum value range to check for strings, dates, and numerical parameters.

Improper Session Handling

Sometimes you might have noticed that a session continues even when you have exited from an application. Most e-commerce companies use these sessions to provide a better user experience. It is a bad practice because an attacker can take control of the process and steal your data. Your Mobile Application Development should focus on using better privacy protection.

Binary Protections

Binary hardening techniques will go a long way in securing your mobile apps. It will fix any vulnerability and detect bugs at the earliest. If your app lacks binary protection, an attacker can reverse engineer the code and inject spyware.


It is not possible to learn about every security risk for mobile apps. If you plan to build a mobile app or face security issues with your existing application, Hire Mobile App Developer can detect and prevent malware in your system.

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