Sensational Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Continue to Reign
Sensational Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Continue to Reign

You know, what’s amazing? Out of 7.9 billion (that’s the world population), approximately 5.25 billion people use the internet. Easy to say, 66.2% of the population can access the internet. Over 93% of the total internet users were social media users.

Want to know another fact? Currently, 6.648 billion (83.72%) of the world’s population own a smartphone.

Wait, why am I telling you these statistics? Yes, because mobile phones and the internet have become indispensable elements of today’s life. The stats haven’t stopped and won’t stop, this counting will continue to grow.

If you haven’t started mobile marketing, it is time to get up and start preparing for expanding your business in the digital world. The pandemic gave a powerful push to the mobile industry and helped marketers to find potential customers. The Covid pandemic gave businesses a chance to explore their true potential on the internet.

Let’s see a few stats on mobile marketing:

a. Average time spent on mobile is more than 3 hours a day.

b. Younger generations use their phones to kill their free time.

c. Conversion rates are higher for mobile than for the web.

d. Around half of the customers shop more on mobile than in-store purchases.

e. 3/5 of shoppers prefer brands that allow purchases on mobile.

f. 2/3 of e-commerce traffic is from mobile.

g. Mobile ad spending will overtake desktop spending in 2022.

From shopping on mobile apps to ordering food, mobile users are dependent on apps for most tasks. Social media applications are the most favorable mobile applications and counted the maximum downloads. Mobile app development has seen tremendous growth in the last three years and as per statistics, around 3000 apps are released on the app stores each day.

Mobile marketing trends in 2022

Okay, now, let’s discuss the phenomenal mobile marketing trends that are booming in 2022. You can take advantage of these trends to expand your business and connect with the maximum user outreach.

1. Mobile Apps:

Nearly 90% of mobile internet time is spent on mobile apps. But should every business invest in mobile app development?

Well, some people may suggest you own a mobile application for your business while some may not. Some businesses fit to own a smartphone app like restaurants, lifestyle and fashion bloggers, health and fitness, online news outlets, etc. A trusted mobile app development company can help you figure out if your business suits the mobile app world or if it’s better to choose a website.

PWC report says that the 35% of customers agree that mobile will become their main purchasing tool. Even if some customers don’t like the idea to use your app and prefer a mobile browser, that doesn’t make apps less powerful for the right businesses.

The first thing you need to realize is the requirements of your targeted audience. Build a mobile responsive website if your audience is clamoring for it. You could always bring leads to your business with the right strategy.

Reports also confirm that Americans utilize 50% of their online time with mobile apps. Even if your business isn’t suitable to support applications, customize some advanced features that are rare to see, use personalization, utilize most of the graphics, lower the loading time, etc., and analyze the activities. You may need to repeat this process numerous times to get the audience’s attention. Mobile app navigation is an integral element to build applications that rule the world.

Smartphone applications with specific content now get to see in the Google SERP cause of the updates in the algorithm. Google focuses on providing the easiness to the users, so better work on that.

2. Video Content:

You may agree with the fact that videos are more engaging than text. If you don’t agree, I am showing you some statistics that can change your mind. These statistics are handpicked from

a. On average, people watch 16 hours of online video per week.

b. Viewers get the video message up to 95%.

c. 82% of social media users like to watch a video rather than read posts on social media.

d. Video content is easy to memorize.

e. 6-10 seconds of video is supposed to be the idol ad length and can deliver the message effectively.

f. Users share video content more than any other type of content.

All right, there are video marketing strategies behind the scenes of a viral video of a business. You need to understand your audience precisely. You need to focus on the things that make you separable from other businesses and make you get recognized, for example, create short videos (30-60 seconds) for social media.

You know what, you always don’t need high-end equipment for video creation. You can start delivering your impactful message with just your smartphone. You need to start strong, keep the content short, and stay relevant to what you started.

According to Statista, by 2024, video advertising revenue will reach $35billion. 92% of marketers agree that video marketing is a crucial part of their strategy and this figure has increased by 14% by 2015. Also, as per reports, 84% of the consumers agreed that they purchased a product or service after watching the brand’s video.

Do you realize the importance of video content now?

3. Mobile-Optimized Emails:

The statista report claims that the number of daily emails is projected to increase to 347.3 billion by 2025.

Isn’t that statistic mind-blowing?

Well, email has been a considerable tool for businesses, consumers, and marketers. Email is so popular that 4.6 billion email users are to be expected by 2025. You know, you can connect with around 4 billion users on email currently. You can promote your business and connect with 4 billion users.

Okay, I agree, I exaggerated.

But still, you can connect with too many users with the right marketing strategy. One of that strategies is to use mobile-optimized emails. Though mobile-optimized emails are in practice for a long time now, this trend is expected to grow bigger in 2022 and afterward.

More than half of Americans use their mobile phones to check their emails, so this is a need for your business.

All right, let me tell you a few ways you can optimize your emails for smartphones:

a. Limit the image size to the minimum, so it can open quickly and doesn’t take forever to load the content.

b. Create simple and clean images, don’t overdesign the content.

c. Ensure that you are using a responsive email template.

d. Break your information into pieces, put the most important information first, and use small paragraphs or bullet points. Don’t attach too many links.

e. Utilize the space and create buttons instead of links.

If your consumers find your email hard to navigate, then It may give little or no response. People unconsciously like an email they find engaging and relevant. So, it’s better for your business to spend time analyzing the strategy to send an email.

4. M-Commerce:

Mobile commerce handles 73% of the global eCommerce market share. It is one of the most-liked mobile marketing trends that digital marketers prefer. Ecommerce store owners can never ignore the significance of mobile consumers, and the reason is precisely genuine. 80% of mobile users put their money into online shopping from their mobiles.

Mobile commerce tends to lead to higher revenues, enhanced customer experience, and marketing opportunities and collects insightful data.

That’s not it, 85% of customers love to purchase products from mobile apps and not mobile websites. Consequently, businesses can gain 157% more conversions from an app than from a mobile website.

M-commerce caused 20% of shopping cart abandonment while desktop sites and mobile sites caused 68% and 97% of cart abandonment issues respectively.

Brands are now introducing new and attractive features to their M-commerce platforms like voice searches, social commerce, one-click order, etc. Okay, so it is up to you how well you analyze your customer’s requirements and serve them the products they want. You can offer uncountable features, and with each effective feature, you just redefine your customer outreach.

According to Statista, M-commerce sales are expected to cross $4 trillion by the end of 2022. So, better set your goals and count your sales with this latest marketing trend, before your competitors do it.

One more thing dear reader, m-commerce costs way less than traditional or web-based campaigns. Ask our professionals the reason.

5. Chatbots:

Chatbots are the fastest-growing brand communication channel. Statistics expect that more than one-quarter of customers love to use chatbots while contacting a brand. Chatbots are gathering popularity all over the world and have gathered 1.4 billion users.

Whatever the statistics are, conversational AI is growing with each passing day. AI development companies are progressing at the fastest pace.

Conversational AI handled one in six global customer service interactions in the previous year. There are stats confirming that more than 87% of the customers provided neutral or positive feedback in reference to customer experience with chatbots. That’s when AI chatbot became one of the most favorable marketing trends.

Okay, the reason why chatbot is getting popular is: customers got quick replies from the business end. They don’t have time to wait for replies and they don’t want to wait either.

Another impressive fact is that millennials are the ones who use chatbots more than any generation. Chances are that if you focus on building strategies that concern millennials, then you will run a business smoother than no one ever will.

Chatbot is an efficient technology that lets you choose your preferences for the business and focuses on providing an amazing customer experience to your customers.

Still, if you are not convinced about utilizing the chatbot in your business, let me tell you some more stats.

a. 30% of customers like to communicate with a chatbot

b. 85% of businesses or more will prefer business interactions with no human intervention in the future.

c. 56% of customers prefer messaging when trying to seek customer services.

Final Thoughts:

Mobile marketing is something that is here to stay. Marketers need to keep their strategies updated with the constantly evolving market. You need to understand your audience and what their expectations are.

Apart from the above-mentioned trends, you can opt for the following trends as well:

a. Influencer Marketing

b. Gamification

c. Location-based advertising

d. Augmented Reality

e. Voice and Visual Search

Whatever you include in your digital marketing strategy, just make sure that your campaign is representing what your business is. Digital marketing is favorable for all businesses to ensure productive growth.

Do let me know in the comments which marketing strategy interests you the most.


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