Significant Reasons to Choose WordPress this Year
Significant Reasons to Choose WordPress this Year

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) allowing you to host and build feature-rich websites. WordPress is free to use and contains a template system and plugin architecture to customize any kind of website, portfolio, blog, or online store.

But there is a question that arises too often: Why opt for WordPress development?

WordPress is multiplex and consists of many hidden facets. Those who are unable to understand the true beauty of WordPress, create misconceptions about it. One of the misconceptions is that it is just a blogging platform. But, in reality, WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform.

It is a full-featured and powerful website builder and content management system. Let me tell you a few mind-blowing statistics related to WordPress:

a. More than 43% of all websites on the internet are being powered by WordPress.

b. Out of all the websites using CMS, 65.2% use WordPress.

c. 28% of the top 1 Million websites are created with WordPress.

d. WordPress plugin directory contains almost 60,000 free plugins.

e. WordPress has been the fastest growing CMS for 12 years consecutively.

The robust features of WordPress made it acquire popularity over the world. The ability to manage a website even without zero coding knowledge attracts the attention of numerous businesses.

Well, in this blog, I am narrating a few significant reasons that will convince you to opt for WordPress. Let’s get started:

1. WordPress is Free:

WordPress is free software and anyone can use it. You can download, install, and make modifications according to your need, even without paying any charge. Plugins and themes can be used to create any kind of website either business or personal.

Furthermore, you need a domain name and web hosting to install WordPress, and you need to pay for it. Also, WordPress offers simple and powerful features that you can easily use and build a website from scratch. It also lets you take guidance from video or article content.

WordPress is the best choice if you require constant updates or regular changes to your website.

2. WordPress is Convenient:

Being the most flawless and powerful platform, WordPress is super easy to use. It requires no coding or technical knowledge and even beginners can use it sufficiently. You can easily customize your website design, create and modify posts and pages, add navigation menus, and more. It also allows you to set up automatic backups with the help of backup plugins and lets you store your data in a remote location like Dropbox.

If you are stuck at any place while using WordPress, there are thousands of WordPress tutorials available for each topic. You can take guidance for the smallest issues as well.

3. Easy to Customize:

People who don’t have any prior knowledge of designing websites can easily completely customize a website. It offers thousands of free website themes that you can completely customize according to your needs even without writing any single piece of code at all. Upload the brand logo, create beautiful sliders, change the background, attach a contact form, implement analytics to track visitors, and a lot more with thousands of professional and multipurpose themes. The website development process that starts with code and code, becomes too complex and takes time and expertise to get developed neatly.

4. WordPress is SEO-Friendly:

Even if you design and develop a website with amazing features, if it doesn’t bring traffic, it is of no use. WordPress is written using high-quality code with semantic markup. The well-written code of WordPress attracts search engines and visitors. You can implement an SEO plugin to optimize your website more effectively.

5. WordPress is Secure:

A website built with WordPress is safe and secure with best practices. Okay, here best practices symbolize best plugins and themes, security plugins to keep track of a site, keeping regular login procedures, and updating a website on regular basis are a few to be named. WordPress gives you protection from brute force attacks and malware.

6. CMS is fast and simple:

WordPress lets you create web pages easily and swiftly. You need to add blog posts on a regular basis and with code and design work that’s not easy to do but WordPress brings you the facility to add a page in just one click. You can modify, or delete those pages very conveniently. If you’re familiar with Apple’s Pages or Microsoft Word, you can easily set your hands-on WordPress. It allows you to add text, images, videos, hyperlinks, and all you want to add. Well, super easy to use.

7. Help is All Around:

By the time, you have the idea that WordPress is an open-source platform. People from all over the world contribute to the platform and make it better. There are millions of well-informed users who can help you at the point you are stuck with any problem. It’s a powerful tool and with millions of supporters and experts, it is super easy as well. The communities are online and active, get the most out of it.

Final Thoughts:

Website development is a serious task and consists of several different processes, it’s better to be done by professionals. If you are open to learning WordPress development, you will get a million resources to excel it, but if you are stuck with your business and do not have any time to learn and excel it, it is advised you to hire a professional WordPress developer.

The WordPress developers have knowledge about most of the themes, plugins, and every feature that will fulfil your business requirements. They have worked on numerous websites and know how to proficiently develop a website, so it will be your benefit as there will be no to few chances of mistakes.

If you need to hire a website developer, ensure to hire them from a trusted website development company. The teams are categorized and well-defined strategies work to accomplish your goals. Also, you keep track of each latest update on your project.

ChawTech Solutions is a reputed WordPress development company with a team of 250+ designers and developers. We provide the most efficient strategies, project plans, budgets, and timelines. Each progress is shared with the client to keep them updated with their plans.

Contact us for a detailed and 30 min free consultation session on WordPress development. Our experts in website design and development team will be answering to your queries.

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