Trends In Enterprise App Stores That You Must Know?
Trends In Enterprise App Stores That You Must Know?

What Are Enterprise Applications?

Enterprise mobile applications are apps made for the employees and intended to streamline the work of the various departments. If everyone is connected through the same dedicated platform, it is easy to communicate, increases the chemistry between departments, and boosts production. This way, Enterprise app development can bring all your employees and assets on a virtual platform and shape up your whole virtual office.

What Is Enterprise App Store

On the other hand, an Enterprise App Store is an HTML-based or native iOS, Android, or Windows-based private application catalog for remote employees. From here, any employee, asset, or stakeholder can search and download their enterprise-sanctioned applications. A quality enterprise app store must be custom-branded, user-rated, pre-configured & device-managed, and easy to use.

Why Enterprise Apps Are Needed

Enterprise mobile apps are intended for employees working remotely. While using such apps, the employee must access all the departments like warehousing, logistics, production, quality assurance, services, etc.

The Enterprise Mobile apps for employees;
  • Reduce operation costs and service downtime
  • Keep a Synchronize between individual teams, teamwork, field managers, etc
  • Helps in the management and optimization of internal procedures
  • Customer support become more streamlined and fast
  • Improves the speed of the supply chain
  • Improves the relationship between workers, managers, offshore assets, and stakeholders
Top 5 Trends Of Enterprise App Store Development
Software Personalization

The enterprise can understand and define its employees’ needs and develop applications that provide tailor-made experiences. With the help of an experienced Mobile App Development Company like ChawTech Solutions, you can create an app so comprehensive which can address all the departments and processes of your enterprise. The app would be easy to use, dedicated to your type of enterprise, and safe.

Mobile Apps Usability

Everyone is not tech-savvy, but for official needs, all the employees & managers may need to use dedicated applications. So, such apps need to be equally easy for all users. If you don’t want to spend a long session teaching your employees about the app, ease of use is very important. Any experienced Mobile App Development Company should address this point while developing an Enterprise application.

On-demand Apps

On-demand apps have become very popular since remote working became the new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that on-demand services are not just luxury but necessity. The on-demand economy is one of the fastest-growing economies around the world.

Enterprise Digital Ecosystem Integration

The usage of smartphones for business and service has become a necessity nowadays. So, the necessary tools and packages must be present there in the form of mobile apps, which can handle routine work and complex problems. Also, to keep such apps running smoothly, they should be feature-rich, battery-optimized, device-optimized, and adaptable to future changes.

Security Of Business Data & User Privacy

Of course, if the whole business runs through a mobile application, it must be highly secure.

1. To protect all business information and corporate data, the apps must be secured from unauthorized access.

2. The apps need to be secured enough so that the staff cannot use the app or the cloud service for personal usage.

3. Must be equipped with location tracking so that it can be found if lost or stolen.

4. The app and the cloud both need to be data leakage proof.

5. Must be secured enough to stop any malware or virus attacks.


The trend of using enterprise apps and app stores has been born from the urge of necessity. So, the trend of such app development is also equipped with the attribute to suffice the condition. If you are still taking the usage of enterprise applications under consideration, act quickly.

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