What are the Wearable App Development Trends in 2022?
What are the Wearable App Development Trends in 2022?

Wearable technology engulfs us through smartwatches, head-mounted gear, footwear, medical devices, and others. Other industries are looking forward to stepping into the segment in 2022. That’s why an app development company must adapt to the changing needs of technology. It is a rapidly evolving industry, and the future looks bright for wearable techs. According to a recent study conducted by Salesforce, 80% of businesses using wearable tech conclude it is a game-changer. Plus, a whopping 85% of respondents feel that it increases the flow of money in the wearable app development market. So, let us look at some futuristic trends in the wearable tech section that will catch the attention of developers, consumers, and builders.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology operates through low-power Bluetooth transmitters. You can easily connect them to nearby smart devices and share information through location-based searching. Currently, this technology is actively used in smartwatches and will continue to dominate the wearable app development market. So, a software development company can use this technology in the future market. Businesses can get a broad customer base and provide efficient customer service. The tourism sector will benefit immensely through the use of beacon technology.

Intelligent Smartwatches

Apple has shown us what smartwatches are capable of achieving. In 2022, the technology will reach greater heights through intelligent smartwatches. Although smartwatches will not replace smartphones, they will assist users in various ways. For example, it will supervise daily activities and generate reports for vital parameters. Customers can use it to find glucose levels and monitor stress factors. Futuristic smartwatches will combine the advancements of wearable devices and develop into a seamlessly performing app.

Payment Gateway Integration

Contactless payment integration is a challenging task for an app development company. Wearable devices will go a step further to link the app with the servers and computers to ensure secure online transactions. It will also help integrate prevalent online payment methods seamlessly with the current technology. It will have a huge impact on the eCommerce industry as it flourishes due to online transactions. Payment processing will become faster and increase digital payment footfall in the business.

Development of Smart Rings

The development of smart rings in 2022 will facilitate working professionals. It will help corporations get real-time notifications of their meetings, seminars, and other urgent work. Businesses customers will receive alerts on their smartwatches that will enable them to track and plan their meetings. So, customers won’t have to check their smartphones every time to look at the notifications. 

Smart Glasses

Wearable technology has already taken a big leap through the use of smart glasses in 2021. Wearable tech is about to get smarter in 2022. Google Glass is the best example of a smart glass that features an in-built speaker, mic, CPU, projector, and prism. The smart glasses will come packed with sensors, cameras, and many other modern features.

Smart Belts

Smart belts are the best invention for medical wearable devices. It will help track the movement of older adults and alert them in case of any fall ahead. The device will gather data and send them via Bluetooth to your smartphone by closely looking at your walking pattern.


A software development company should start hiring developers ready to imbibe this ongoing trend. But before that, companies should take a close look at some features like interactivity, data security, and GPS technology. So, it’s the right time to invest in wearable techs and experience manifold functions for delivering enhanced performance to the customers.

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