Cloud Amazon

cloud amazon

Amazon Drive also known as cloud drive is an application for cloud storage which is manages by Amazon. The application offers file backup, cloud storage, photo printing, file sharing and more. With the usage of Amazon account, folders and files can be managed and transferred from various devices which include desktop applications, web browsers, tablets and mobiles.

Window Azure application platform comes with number of features. Following mentioned are some of the benefits of this cloud computing platform are as follows:

In addition to this, the platform also provides highly scalable and reliable infrastructure for testing, building and deploying applications. With Google cloud, you can cover storage, computing and application services for mobile, backend and web solutions. Trusted by over 4 million applications, this platform is used by many.

There are number of advantages of Google Cloud which are as follows:

    To help our customers have a good experience with data storage and exchange, at Chawtech Solutions we are offering you the services of cloud amazon. Through this, the users get the opportunity of low variable cost for their business as oppose to high expense infrastructure.

    The services of Amazon cloud comes with number of features and benefits which are as follows:

  • Cloud Search: Customized search capabilities can be integrated and it is also a scalable search device.
  • Cloud Drive: Users can make use of web connection to upload and also access documents, photos, videos and music. The devices are used to stream music from anywhere they want to.
  • Simple Storage Service: These services cover archiving of data, application programs and online backup. The service is high speed, is low cost and scalable.
  • Cost Effective: Amazon gives the user the benefit of carrying on their businesses in a very cost effective way. Also with the drive’s flexibility, you can achieve the correct balance.
  • In addition to all these, users can their relationship with AWS anytime they want to. They can scale down or up as per their requirement and further have a complete experience of self-service online.