FuelPHP Development


Fuel PHP is a flexible and simple PHP 5.3 web framework which is based on some of the best ideas as compared to any other framework right from the scratch. Fuel PHP is community driven and takes on a very different approach as compared to any other framework. At Chawtech Solution we always try hard to ensure that each of our client’s requirement is met with quality result.

Hence, we provide you wit Fuel PHP development services that will assist any aspiring developer as the best tool for their website. The framework believes in providing equal position to everyone involv ed hence, any developer who spots a bug is also in a position to fix it and also send request to pull it off.

As already mentioned, this a community based framework, everyomne is equally invited and developers are encouraged to share their tools, and collectively work in improving its usage. The framework also comes with project guidelines which are as follows:

  • Frameworks are supposed to be built by taking up the best ideas from different other frameworks to make it an ultimately best one for use.
  • It should be developed in a way so that it can provide the users with powerful functionalities. People should find it eay to access and its codebase should be lightweight.
  • The controller of the software take the inputr and converts it into command for the view or the model.The orientation of community developers should be taken into account.
  • IWith all these guideline and features, we ensure that our client’s requirement in context to developing or any other area is met in the best possible way.