PHP-MVC Development


MVC, also known as Model-view-controller (MVC) is a design pattern of software which is used on computers for implementing user interfaces. MVC assists in dividing an particular software application into three parts that are interconnected.

This is done in order to segregate the internal representations from the ways in which the users present or accept it. Though mostlty used for graphical user interfaces for desktop, this particular architecture has turn out to be popular for designing applications for desktop, mobile and various other clients.

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As compared to the other softwares, MVC works obn providing core solution of the problem and also allows it to adapt in every system. The model of MVC’s central component captures the work of the application in relation to the problem domain which is independent to trhe interface of the user. Some of the component are as follows:

  • It works on directly managing the logic, rules and data of the application.
  • It proviudes a multiple view of a single information such as throufgh tabular view and bar charts etc.
  • The controller of the software take the inputr and converts it into command for the view or the model.
  • In addition to sperating the components in the application, MVC also ensures that there is interaction within them. MVC works closely on the three basic components i.e. model, view and controller.