Moodle Development

Moodle development

E-learning is trending nowadays. With this, the professionals are constantly seeking for fresh ideas that will result to successful solution of online learning. The software community of open source have recently come up with a management course which has a great yet low cost system. It is known as Moodle. It is software learning management system which is open source and free.

YIt has been written in PHP and has been distributed under GNU General Public License. Even though there are number of Learning Management System (LMSs), the rapid growth of Moodle can be witnessed in the users. Therefore making it a priority to cater our clients with the best of result, at Chawtech Solutions we are offering you with the services of Moodle development.

Today more and more people are leaning towards online education. Apart from being absolutely easy to access, people from any corner of the world can get the information they are looking for at their home. With Moodle, the global community of educators and professionals can promote free software and also make an improvement in online learning experience.

Moodle, also known as Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a versatile system which has seen a growth in the market of higher education. Besides education, this is also used in the business market, for research work etc. For a start-up business organization, Moodle can come as a great aid for research and also spread its wings in various areas. Our clients can absolutely rely on our experts for best result.