• This app is a guide about the Career & Business planning for the user.
  • User can login and register with App. There are different options available for the user like Coaching, Job Board, Planning Tools and Assessment Test.
  • There is a feature to add and update profile info like name, email, mobile address, password etc.
  • User can take two types of assessment test here that are decisive and reactive. Based upon the user’s inputs, App will provide a Graph with summary of user’s personality data. Also it suggests for the detailed assessment test with a fee, if required.
  • Job Board here provides the list of latest jobs available in different companies.
  • There are planning tools available for career and business, using these tools user can fill up a form and gets the form in PDF format after submitting it, to share further.
  • Also user can purchase different type of business plans for a fee.


Design and Application

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