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For increasing the profitability of one’s business, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning also known as CRM and ERP are necessary. Sales and efficient functioning being the main concern of any business, you can achieve it by availing the services of CRM and ERP from Chawtech Solutions.

With CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management, a company can explore the strategies, technologies and practices that are necessary in order to analyze data, customer interactions and customer management. In addition to this, customer management system helps you improve sales, retain your customers successfully and improve you business relationship with them. The system is designed in such manner that it can access customer’s information across various channels or contact point between them and the company. This includes telephone, direct mail, social media, marketing materials and company’s website. With the help of CRM you can also avail the benefit of getting detailed info on customer’s buying preferences, their personal information, purchase history and also their concern.

With ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning core business processes are managed in real time and are mediated by technology and software. Some of the business activities that it manages are inventory management, purchase, product planning, shipping, payments, finance, service, manufacturing delivery and many more. At Chawtech Solutions, with the help of ERP an organization can manage, store, collect and interpret data from number of business activities. The software also facilitates flow of information between various business functions and also manages connections with stakeholders.