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We are living in a generation of technological advances. It plays a vitally important role in society today and influences how people communicate, learn, and think. These advancements have made daily life more charming and convenient.

Android Development

Some Astonishing Facts About Android App Development

Mobile apps have become quite desirable after the emergence of smartphones. These apps handle your routine effectively, from shopping to entertainment, communication to banking, learning to collaborations, etc.

  • Thousands of apps are released daily. Over 100,000 Android and 30,000 iOS apps are released each month, and over 4000 apps are released daily.

  • Around 65% of mobile users spend the majority of their time on social media apps.

  • Android is the most loved mobile operating system in the world.

  • Android dominates the mobile OS market with around 73% market share. Put together with Apple’s iOS, the two control 99% of the global market share.

  • There are 2.87 million apps on Google Play Store and 1.96 million apps on App Store, accessible for download.

  • Android is the most acquired mobile operating system in the world.

Being a victorious Android app development company in USA, we are committed to serving advanced and high-tech solutions for your business requirements. Our certified Android app developers have expertise in the latest technologies and provide astonishing blueprints for your ideas that work effectively.

One Stop for All Your App Development Needs

We take the advantage of versatile behavior of Android app development and bring you solutions for all your devices. Your ideas made us do what we love the most. Obviously, developing an app.

We are one of the leading Android app development companies and build applications for Android phones, TVs, Watches, and Tablets.

Share with us your idea by leaving us a message and hear from us at the earliest.

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Android Phone
Android Phone

Android App Development Programming Language:

  • Titanium
  • C and C++
  • HTML5
  • Cordova
  • Phonegap
  • Java

Our app testing tools include:

  • MobiONe
  • Google Android Emulator
  • Android SDK Stimulator

Our Android Application Designing Tools

  • Invision
  • Popp
  • Marvel
  • Adobe Kooker
  • Android Sketch Paper
  • Android Patterns

Android App Development Services


Custom Android Application Development

Designing and developing a custom Android app to fulfill specific business needs. Accommodates everything that you look for.

Android App UX/UI Design

Focus on accessibility, perceptibility, and efficiency to optimize interactive experiences to meet mobile users' unique requirements.


Android Web-based App Development

Host an Android application on the web and let your users access it through a network. Effectively Successful.


Android App Testing

Test the application’s functionality, usability, and consistency with automated and manual testing and make your product bug-free.

Android Consultation

Discuss your ideas and business requirements, our consultants will perform an in-depth market study and provide you with a comprehensive forecast.


Android App Support & Maintenance

For seamless operations, productivity enhancement, feature implementation, and flexible updates, without any hustle.


App Redesign/Porting

Customize existing applications for the Android platform or redesign the current application and utilize trending technologies for an irresistible approach.

We take immense pride in creating solutions with everlasting strategies. Our Android app development services include planning, maintaining, and digital promotion of the product. You get one stop for all your business needs and we get valuable customers like you. Share your ideas or business plans about app development, and we will build for you the finest application as we are the fastest-growing Android app development company in USA.

What Do We Build

Being a prominent Android app development company in USA, we are committed to offering services that cover most of the entire market. Our strategy and knowledge about the latest technologies make us build what our clients want. We have delivered numerous Android projects successfully to date and we feel immensely motivated to work for your big ideas.

Learning Applications

Like the best android app development company we at ChawTech Solutions aim to design learning-based applications. We implement user-friendly navigation, easy search options, and striking framework for all users irrespective of age.

Location-based applications

Our sincere team members aim to offer the best android app development services. No wonder, GPS management apps have been in the trend for the last few years and hence we focus on expanding the areas of location-based apps. Such applications are very helpful for people who love to travel.

iBeacon Apps

Being the best android app development company in India ChawTech Solutions develops iBeacon apps that are workable to both android and iOS platforms. iBeacon stands for technology standards owned by Apple. To survive the battle you must involve such up-to-date applications.

Social Networking

There is no doubt that social networking platforms have been the most preferred platform by the lion’s share of the users. You must shed light on your business on the social networking platforms to reach the targeted audience. Hire us and experience the best android app development services to date.

VoIP Apps

A VoIP Application enables you to receive or make calls using your smart devices. ChawTech Solution is the best android app development company that commits to developing VoIP apps for initiating digital marketing to a great extent. This amazing technology allows you to make and receive calls anytime. Skype, WhatsApp are some of the examples of VoIP Apps.

Multimedia Apps

To develop multimedia applications you must hire the best android app development company in India. However, our experienced team members develop multimedia applications as per requirements. Multimedia apps such as online games use several sources such as images, text, sound, graphics, and more.

Enterprise Apps

To elevate your business position, you must focus on developing enterprise applications. This software track client relationship management system, billing system, and functional growth. Else, this apps aims to enhance the efficiency of the company and also speed up productivity. You can hire any of the renowned android app development companies to initiate an unending business elevation.

Wearable/IOT Apps

Wearable applications connect your wearable device to your phone. Being the best android app development company our skilled developers share expertise in developing wearable applications. Hire us and you can experience professional android app development services.

E-commerce Apps

If you haven’t yet thought of developing an E-commerce application, then this is the right time for you to rethink. In recent times, such applications have touched the apex due to huge popularity. However, the best android app development company in India is here to work on the E-commerce apps on the mobile platform. If you have any questions, please contact our team for a free consultation. Do you have any questions about our services? We provide a free consultation so let’s talk with us

Do you have any question about our services?

We provide free consultation so lets talk with us!

How Android App Development Is Beneficial for Your Business?

With a 73% market share, Android app development adds around 2000 apps each day to the store. Android is acknowledged as the superior choice for startups and enterprises as well as individual ideas. On average, a smartphone owner uses 10 apps each day. Android has added more users every year since its inauguration. Android has continued to grow at an exceptional rate in developing countries. In Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Vietnam, Android has over 85 percent market share.

Business of Apps shared the android statistics in 2020, Android had 2.8 billion active users. That counting is consistently growing and that makes companies opt for this platform besides the advantages like flawless customization, accelerated deployment, improved scalability, and amplified customer reach.

It's necessary for you to understand why it is necessary for you to build an Android app and being a dominant Android app development company in USA, we want you to understand the advantages in as simple words as possible.

Increased Profit:

Android developers pay a one-time registration fee for application allocation. Forever after, they can build and test the product on any computer and smartphone. This makes sure of low investment and increased engagement. Android’s bigger user base can support an application with increased ad revenue.

Advantage of Android OS

Android app development can be carried out on Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Android’s open-source nature, the app development process can be easy, fast, and economic. Different manufacturers produce thousands of devices and one Android app can work for all of them.

Greater Market

It is quite intelligent step to target the platform with the highest potential users. Android OS dominates the global market with more than 73% market share. A product for Android mobile devices can be deployed in remarkable ways, that allow brands to reach their customers through numerous channels.

Instant Availability on Google Play Store

Additional benefit of Android app development is - Apps deployed to Google Play Store are accessible to users within hours. On Google Play, developers can release products as alpha and/or beta available to a selected group of testers or users.

Versatility and Scalability

Android OS has graded up flexibility and adaptability after Android Studio’s inception. It affiliates with the entire Android ecosystem involving smartphones, wearables, tablets, Android TV, IoT, AR, and VR. The versatility of the Android platform allows development teams to build dynamic mobile applications.

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We are the best app developers in the countryAfter you step into the field of business, you will come across the possible difficulties! However, you should always remember that a powerful start reduces your battle. ChawTech Solution is said to be the best android app development company in India to provide android app development services.
  • Professionalism-

    Chawtech Solutions believes in professionalism. We are the Native Android Application developers in USA and bring you the most effective solutions for your business.
  • Quality services-

    Being one of the best Android app development company in USA, we focus on delivering quality services to our clients. We understand your urge to achieve the maximum proficiency in your online business. Our app developers have practical approaches for your dominative web presence. We intiate routine maintenance for the apps we develop and keep you ahead in the market.
  • Credibility-

    Our previous success stories make us trustworthy for the clients like you. We take initiatives to maintain a professional relationship with our clients. We put efforts to grow your business online and in exchange we create another success story, and that's our motto to help businesses in adapting newer technologies.

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