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The .net framework is developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Windows. Any type of application including web, mobile, desktop, IoT, games, cloud, and microservices can be developed with .Net. The .Net is a developer tool used for developing software applications using different languages. It consists of 32 programming languages including prominent languages like C#, F#, and Visual Basic.

.Net Development allows you to develop applications specifically Windows-based applications. Because of Object-Oriented Programming, .Net create flexible applications.

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What We Can Build With .NET

.NET has its specifications to build feature-rich, OS-centric, and cross-platform applications. If you just want to focus on a single type of OS, then it’s better to opt for either iPhone app development or Android app development, but it is all depended on your business requirements.

You can ask our experts what platform would be the best for your business by sharing your requirements, they will prepare a blueprint for your mobile app development process and will guide you to the core.

Besides this, here’s a checklist of application models where you can use .NET efficiently:

  • Web: Build web apps and services for iOS, Windows, Linux, and docker.
  • Mobile: You can utilize a single codebase for mobile app development.
  • Desktop: Craft adorable and captivating desktop applications for windows and macOS.
  • IoT: Curate IoT applications for flawless specific tasks with native support.
  • Cloud: You can either use existing cloud services or build and deploy your own.
  • Game Development: Develop 2D and 3D games for admired phones, consoles, or desktops
  • Machine Learning: Add speech processing, vision algorithms, and predictive models to your applications.
  • Microservices: Create independently deployable microservices for Docker containers.

Delivering the Right Solution to Your Business

Being the most preferred .Net development company in the USA, Chawtech Solutions supervises the ideas and your business requirements. We have the most skilled and professional app developers who can create any app with custom functionalities.

We would be delighted to know what’s on your mind. Just leave us a message and you will hear from our representatives shortly.

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We deliver what we promise. Overpromising to attract our clients is not our thing. We believe in transparent work culture. You will get updated on each progress of the project. We use a well-structured system to monitor activities and go by the plan.

We will be with you at every step of the development process. From brainstorming ideas to releasing a feature update, you won’t find us going anywhere. Here’s a brief of our complete .Net development process:

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality Testing
  • Maintenance & Support

.Net Technologies We Emply

Being a leading .Net Development Company, we focus on incorporating the best technologies to deliver breathtaking solutions. We feel delighted to accomplish ideas with perfection and to do so, the below technologies build the foundation.


ASP.NET core

This framework helps in building IoT apps, web apps, and mobile backend. The latest open-source and cross-platform framework takes credit for building cloud-based applications smoothly. It can potentially give the latest look to an enhanced. NET.



MVC stands for Model View Controller. The .NET MVC is among the three models supported by ASP.NET. The major feature of this framework is that it is a lightweight development model with a high testable presentation framework. This framework can be smoothly integrated with ASP.NET features, master pages, and more.



In the .NET framework, this tool is used to create web pages and websites. In addition to ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server scripting are used. The advantage of ASP.NET web applications is that you can write them in any of the .NET languages.

Visual Studio

visual studio

An application of this type has become widely used worldwide. We, the best .NET Development company, can use it to develop programs in C# or .Net using the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).Developers favor it because it allows them to edit code, design interfaces, manage servers, debug problems, and analyze performance. This open-source software is freely downloadable.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic

The .NET Framework is mostly used to develop Windows applications, but you can also use it to create ActiveX controls and DLL files. Additionally, you can create interfaces to database systems using the framework. You can get the Express edition for free with a few limitations. You will need to pay a fee if you choose the Professional version. Contact us to find out more. We offer .NET Development services.

SQL Server

SQL Server

This is a Microsoft database server..NET Development company uses this particular programming language to handle database management systems. The database contains information. Take advantage of these .NET Development company services for a great experience from the best .NET Development Company.

.Net Development Services

As a reputed .Net development company, Chawtech Solutions is highly oriented to quality-driven services that fulfill all your needs and requirements. Our qualified .Net developers will prepare a blueprint for your requirement and as soon as you confirm, our developers will curate it into a real application. Check out what we can build for you using .Net technologies.

Dynamic Web Applications

ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core allow you to create dynamic, data-driven web applications that are needed for complex interactions and functionalities.

QA & Testing

Comprehensive quality assurance and module testing for multiple .NET projects in parallel.


Expert consultation for .net infrastructure to authenticate its robustness and capability to support business functions.

.NET CMS Development

Develop your own customized CMS with .NET that fulfills your requirements like image management, content personalization, enterprise document system, etc.

API Integration

API integrations create seamless connectivity to make smoother business processes, and enhance the sharing and embedding of data between various applications and systems.

Upgradation & Migration

Upgradation to the latest version or migrating from the current version of .NET to the most suitable version of .NET framework in the existing application.

Payment Gateway

Successful Payment Gateway integration to your project with APS.NET Core for seamless payment collection.

Cloud Solutions & Integration

Get solutions and integration to your projects and move your existing .NET application or create a new .NET application with us and move it to the cloud.

CRM and ERP Development

Build CRM and ERP with .NET for effective tasks done and parallelly work other tasks too.

Advantages of .Net Development

.Net framework architecture consists of a common language interface (CLI), common language runtime (CLR), assemblies, class libraries, and app models. .Net is known for building applications of any complexity with specific business functions and is fully customized for your needs. It is also capable of holding up multiple operating systems for secure web applications.

why choose CTS
  • Reliability & Scalability : The ideas curated with Dot Net are reliable enough to hold huge growth on the platform. Dot net is exclusively utilized by small, medium, and big enterprises to create amazing solutions.
  • Security : The .Net allows you to block barriers in the code. You can use .Net mandated permissions to prevent malicious code from accessing the information that you don’t want.
  • Deployment : The dot net development makes deployment easier and more accurate.
  • Compatible Programming Model : Dot net supports multiple programming languages including C#, VB.net.

Our mindful and professional attitude makes us develop solutions that give businesses the opportunity to expand. Let us know your idea and business requirements. We are here to serve you 24*7.

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