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iOS App Development Company in USA

The first version of iOS was released in 2007 by Apple Inc. This hardware-specific operating system took around 26% of the market share in a short time. After Android OS, iOS is the second most used mobile operating system. The OS with names iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS are being used for iPhones, iPads, and iWatches respectively.

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  • iOS is a strong entity with more than 3 million apps on App Store. Besides the fact that iPhones are more user-friendly compared to any other mobiles, iPhones tend to be more secure, faster, and worth the money.
  • According to statistics, Apple users download 51 apps per minute on average. That comes out to around 26,805,600 apps per year. These statistics show the demand for applications on the app store. This allows you to customize your iOS app idea.
  • There are around 900 million iPhone users worldwide and they deliberately wait for applications that work differently. With feature-rich and amazing UI applications, you can strongly build your audience.
  • Being a prominent iOS app development company in USA, Chawtech Solutions is prompted to deliver the highest quality iOS solutions worldwide. We have developed a good number of iOS applications and look forward to curating our skills for your business requirements.
  • Discuss your goals with us and we will sincerely curate them to the best.

Bringing Perfection to Your Business

iOS app development companies work for ideas curated by entrepreneurs like yourself. We care for your business and perform the best development strategies for your application. Under the supervision of experts, your app is built with massive attention.

Being a dominant iOS app development company in USA, it is our honor to have you as our client. Share with us your idea by leaving us a message and our professionals will connect with you at the earliest.

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iOS App Development Services

  • Custom iOS Application Development:

    Design and develop everything that you want to fulfill in a custom iOS application. Specifically customized for your needs.
  • iOS UX/UI Design:

    Design immersive experiences with our skillful UX/UI design services and provide what your iOS audience expects.
  • iOS Software Testing:

    Our certified iOS software testers check the application very seamlessly and make your product bug-free.
  • iOS App Development Consultation:

    Discuss your business requirements and app ideas with us, our certified iOS developers will curate the best technology stack for your idea.
  • Multi-Platform Deployment:

    We deploy the applications for each kind of apple device. We make sure that your audience finds your presence everywhere.
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Smart watch

The Technology Stack that Makes us Build Success Stories

Holding on to the dominant position as one of the best iOS app development companies, we choose the emerging and reliable technology stack for your business or ideas. We care and make efforts to work on the best technologies so that your business maintains a long run in the competitive world.

iOS Application Designing Tools include:

  • Invision
  • Axure RP
  • Marvel
  • Zeplin
  • Adobe Kuler
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Experience Design (XD)

Besides, we use the following iOS app development languages:

  • Xcode
  • Instrument
  • iBeacon
  • swift
  • SwiftUI
  • Objective-C
  • iOS SDKs

What’s more, our pioneering testing tools include:

  • Apptim
  • Google iOS Emulator
  • The official iOS SDK Emulato

What Do We Build

Being a pioneer iOS app development company, we are committed to delivering quality-driven services that fulfill your needs prominently. Our team of skillful iOS app developers provides you with app consultation with great research and analysis and makes pronouncing forecasts. From the very first step of idea discussion to post-launch maintenance, we are all along with you for quality assurance services.

We have empowered several businesses with our top-notch iOS app development services in each business vertical.

GPS Apps

Our team delivers exceptional location-based apps that are tailored to meet any business need.

iBeacon Apps

Our iBeacon Apps run flawlessly on iOS platforms. We adjust to the changing market dynamics with regular updates and feedback.

Social Networking

We are experts in developing A-grade social networking apps that reflect your brand on all platforms.

VoIP Apps

Staying connected to your contacts is now easier than ever with our pioneering VoIP apps. We use user-friendly designs and easy-navigable tools to make it a scalable solution.

Graphics Apps

Multimedia apps let you cater to a wide segment of customers in the shortest time. Our multimedia apps feature the latest technologies powered by the iOS platform.

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps let you eliminate any official hazards with a click of a button. We design the best enterprise apps that let you run business operations without any hiccups.

Wearable/IOT Apps

Spend less time in your office and more outside with our innovative iOS wearable app solutions. Run your business on your wrist and become a game-changer in the corporate world.

E-commerce Apps

E-commerce is becoming the most in-demand service in the modern world. So, it’s time to catch the wind and soar your profits with our customized e-commerce iOS app development solutions.

ios app development company’s services

As per the survey of, the Apple store holds the second position in terms of app strength followed by the Google Play store with 2.2 million apps. Despite the second rank, most businesses want to build iOS applications as the number of iPhone users is continuously increasing and they demand seamless and engaging iPhone applications.
Since both the platforms, Android and iOS, carry their own set of benefits and based on business requirements, budget, and targeted audience, you must decide to curate an application for which platform.
Due to its greater market share, Android is supposed to target a bigger audience while iOS app development focuses on quality and User experiences.
If we hold on to expert advice, iOS app development is the ultimate option to go on with your business.
Take a closer look at the benefits of iOS app development:

Apple is a big Brand

Apple has a very well-known status check in the market for owning the unmatched quality of devices like the iPhone, iPad, iWatch, etc. Features like flawless software, supreme hardware, strong security, and exceptional customer support make iOS as the topmost choice for building their business app.

Top-Level Security

One of the favorable reasons why iOS platform is being chosen by businesses is that Apple gives top-level security to its users. That collectively protects your iOS application from different kinds of security threats, viruses, malware, etc. When you look for privacy features in your application, iOS app development services are undeniably the best option.

Splendid UX/UI for iOS Applications

The look and feel of an application increase user engagement for an application in a directly proportional manner. Apple is being recognized to deliver stunning UX/UI for its applications, so you have a better chance to attract your audience with iOS applications. Moreover, these applications are scalable and provide better ROI.

Secured Transactions

The iPhone applications offer a safe and secure online transaction procedure with the apps on the platform. All applications are safeguarded with OS capabilities against threats like hacking and phishing. It is made sure that online transactions are encrypted.

Quality Target Audience

iPhone users like to experience a seamless and quality-driven application, you have to create an iOS application efficiently to enhance the brand value of your business. This will help in brand promotion which further helps in reaching your targeted audience.

Less Development Time

iOS takes less time to build an application as this doesn’t require testing applications on several devices having different resolutions, screen sizes, and OS versions. iPhone applications offer more visibility and profitability.

The Reason We are Your Choice

Being a pioneer iOS app development company in USA, we take full responsibility for developing solutions with emerging technologies. Our priority is to keep your business ahead of the competition. Our mission is to see ourselves winning the hearts of clients like you. Our secret to acquiring the maximum preciseness in the app solutions we design is our years of experience with the technologies, tools, and programming languages.

  • A strong and talented team that builds iOS applications out of passion.
  • Dedication, Creativity, and Expertise at all levels of app development.
  • Our experts analyze the market pretty well for you to keep you updated with the latest trends.
  • Our customer-focused approach lets you enjoy 24*7 support facility.
  • Our knowledge of the latest iOS tools and technologies makes the app development process faster.
  • Our services are natural to your pockets and harsh on competitors.
  • We have worked on several other projects so clearly, we can understand your requirements precisely.
  • We sign NDA and never breach the commitments we have made with you.
  • If you connect with us immediately, you can get a free 30 minutes consultation call.
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