At CTS, we are making E-com sites! When you got an opportunity to work with DigiVerse we had to plan the website's layout first. This website has a lot of options, categories and product variety so we had to make sure our layout looks attractive and easy to navigate for users. In this project, in order to simplify the user's experience in buying products, we've classified sections such as shop by products, shop by brands, software license and many more. We almost took 3-4 months to deliver this project after countless bug testing and modifications.


Let's be honest Bitcoin is selling like hot-cake in the crypto world. So, when our client came up with byt-miner project, our developer team started doing their internal research on Bitcoin and crypto currency. Our challenge was to make sure the website's loads quickly, it represents uber cool UX and UI for the customers. At Byt Miner we even incorporated a calculator to check your profitability count if you're a crypto investor.

Netlease World

Finding a property can be frustrating. That is why for Net Lease World, our experts worked day and night to help them make finding a property easy for you. Our designed website makes it easy for you to search for a property with Net Lease World without any hassle. The website is made to be user friendly to give you a smooth experience. With CTS, Net Lease World has the opportunity to provide a happy experience for their clients.

Team player hr

With COVID-19 still going Ga-Ga over man kind, the Work-From-Home culture has become a parmanate reality for majority of the agencies. This is why we feel proud as a part of an important project like Teamplayerhr.com. Here, we've built out a website where you can enhance your employee's efficiency, it also drives high performance team building activities for HR and management of any organization. You can also check out a value calculator we've build for Teamplayerhr.com.

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