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Elevate Your Business strategies with the Best Hybrid App Development Company in India

A hybrid app is that one factor that can cause impressive elevation to your business. Mobile phones are a common gadget that you can consider as a medium to target your clients. The cross-channel advantage of IOS, Android mobile applications, and Windows set a huge goal and mobile strategy. In other words, implementing tools for hybrid app development for both Android and iOS is a fantastic strategy for promoting the business.

To flourish your business it is wise to hire the best hybrid app development company in India. The experts will help you to reach potential clients challenging the barriers of various operating systems. With us, you can expect the best hybrid app development services.

At Chawtech Solutions, our hybrid mobile app developer provides high-end reliable and resilient mobile application development services for these web apps. The framework of web mobile applications is quite strong and is a great alternative for native development.

What is hybrid app development?

When an application is developed for iOS, you won’t be able to install it on other operating systems. This generates an obstacle in reaching the vast customers worldwide. Today there are nearly 7.26 billion mobile users in the world. Without hybrid mobile app development services, many of them won’t be able to listen to your offerings.

Services offered by hybrid apps

Multinational companies and businesses appreciate this software app to a great extent. This useful application is developed by involving website technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. To achieve greater market coverage a native cum web app can assist you the best.

Area of function

A mobile app development hybrid application can work on various operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, and more. This application is nothing complex and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Undoubtedly, a hybrid app covers a wide area of function than a native app.

Requirements of a hybrid application

In today’s world, most of the business owners are leaning towards this software app due to huge acceptance. To reach out to your targeted clients hire the best hybrid app development company in India and build an application that will work on every mobile phone irrespective of the operating system.

Key benefits of hybrid app development 2020

If you aim to penetrate the larger market then we would suggest you follow the guidelines of renowned hybrid app development companies. Else, if you give word to us our experts will train you to develop the platform with hybrid mobile app development tools. Apart from multiplatform-functionality, there are several benefits of indulging in a hybrid application. In other words, these native cum web apps are far more advantageous than native app development.

Top 8 popular frameworks for hybrid app development



Xamarin is a hybrid app development framework that has earned immense popularity due to mentionable pros like native user experience, and swift mobile app development Else, it generates codes utilizing an Integrated Development Environment software application.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile

Being one of the robust application development frameworks, jQuery Mobile is designed to support multiple platforms. It supports smartphones, tablets, and desktops.



This framework supports building interactive applications and incorporates the freedom of smartphone-optimized JS, HTML, and CSS components.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch

This effective framework executes actions right away. With this framework you can experience several themes, constituents to produce useful hybrid apps and built-in MVC systems.

Titanium Appcelerator

Titanium Appcelerator

Like Sencha Touch, Titanium Appcelerator implements pure JavaScript. This powerful framework commits to converting JavaScript into native code to indulge a native feeling.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI

This framework is largely accepted as it features user-friendly constituents to build a software application that supports tablets, mobiles, and desktops. With Onsen UI you can use computer languages like JavaScript and HTML5.

Framework 7

Framework 7

Framework 7 doesn’t require additional reliance like React Native or Angular. This user-friendly framework creates applications that appear to look native. The uniquely designed constituents and animated features support the experts to build effective hybrid applications.

React Native

React Native

As the name suggests, React Native is designed to produce native applications other than producing web apps for websites.

Services offered by a skilled hybrid app developer

Chawtech Solution has been serving businesses with effective ready-to-use apps from the earlier days. With the methods of hybrid app development 2020, our skilled hybrid app developer can create an appropriate application that will drive a lion’s share of the traffic towards your brand. We understand the market well, and our team is empowered to generate designing applications that highlight your major offerings.

why choose cts for hybrid app development

App development

An app represents your brand. Hence it has to be precise, striking, and swift. With Chawtech Solution you can expect a powerful application that aims to run seamlessly.

Application designing

A hybrid application is compatible to work on diverse operating systems. Hence, we aim to design the application with a shape that will fit each of the available platforms. We share expertise in executing top frameworks to generate the best software for your business.

Sencha Touch development

At Chawtech we have programmers who are skilled in Sencha Touch Development application services. Else, we share expertise in dealing with all the available frameworks in the market.

Implementation of web languages

We execute simpler ways to build a powerful application. Native software development kits (SDKs) are based on computer programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and others. We apply these web languages to make the application more compatible with the various platforms across the globe.

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What differentiates a native app and a hybrid app?

Programming language and platform

The native application is a common software that is written in a particular programming language that is specially designed for the operating system of the device. It deals with specified programming languages, whereas a web application is created by using both native and computer programming languages. It is responsible for extending a website-based application using a native platform.

User-friendly and Code Portability

With a native application, the users enjoy a better experience than that of the web application. No wonder native cum web applications are less interactive compared to the native applications. Furthermore, native applications allow code porting to only single platforms. On the other hand, hybrid applications enable code portability to several platforms.

We Offer Holistic Hybrid App Development Service

ChawTech Solutions is said to be the best hybrid app development company in India as we provide premium web app development solutions for your business needs. Here are some of the features that add value to our satisfactory offerings.

  • Like well-known hybrid app development companies, we provide the best hybrid mobile app development services to a global network, from small enterprises to big ones.
  • Our developers and designers use some of the best coding solutions to build a Hybrid app. We provide top quality solutions to all our clients for a superior workflow.
  • Migration of information to Hybrid frameworks by using simple coding and other maintenance requirements. Chawtech Solution is a renowned hybrid mobile app development company that helps in the transformation of tech stacks to a more facilitating hybrid mobile app development framework.
  • Full support and maintenance in terms of hybrid mobile app development
  • We at Chawtech Solutions provide multiple testing and double-check on the hybrid mobile applications with the help of testing functions, reviewing codes, and so on.

All in all, if you are still confused and thus typing ‘what is hybrid mobile app development’ then we are your only solution. At Chawtech Solution, you can experience noticeable growth in client traffic. We aim to drive potential customers to the hybrid application representing your brand. Our applications are swift, user-friendly, and well-arranged.

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