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Do you want to get connected with your target audiences with the help of asocial media optimization services company? CTS will do that with extensive social media optimization to increase traffic to your web store or website and build your brand.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook Promotion

We all know how popular the social media platform Facebook has become among all. And it has made us rely on the amazing Facebook marketing campaigns, organic social media shares, retargeting ads. Our Social media optimization services have made a buzz in the clients' Facebook channels.

  • Profile content writing
  • Posts per month
  • Fan page set-up and Facebook profile
  • Cover photo and logo design
  • No. of likes
  • Increase number of friends on Facebook
  • Facebook analytics tracking
  • Facebook ads management
Twitter Promotion

Twitter Promotion

CTS has two best ways to utilize Twitter for the client's marketing campaigns. One of the ways an SMO company is the usage of hashtags. This helps to promote the business. With the help of hashtags, targeted audiences can research and talk about your products and brands. Other than the hashtags, the social media optimization services also use polls to gain engagement, creative tweets for your posts.

  • Total tweets every month
  • Set up of Twitter account
  • No. of Twitter followers per month
  • Cover and logo photo design
LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn Promotion

An SMO company likes us to believe that adding another important social media, LinkedIn, to your social media optimization strategy will greatly expand the network of the business, search for customers/clients, and create a professional image for the client and the business. LinkedIn is another networking resource that helps get in touch with connections that increase publicity, work, and business growth advantages.

  • Profile set-up of LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Company Page Creation
  • Posts every month
  • Design of cover photo and design
  • Increase connections
Instagram Promotion

Instagram Promotion

CTS focuses massively on Instagram marketing for our client's business. We all are aware of the power that social media like Instagram has.

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Account management/creation
Pinterest Promotion

Pinterest Promotion

Another great platform that is beneficial for companies to create boards with content is Pinterest. It helps to utilize both values to the audience and visual appeal. The power of Pinterest can be another tool to have great social media optimization. There are certain advantages that Pinterest Marketing will let you experience. Social media optimization services make Pinterest an effective way of reaching your targeted audiences in a very short span.

  • Account set-up of Pinterest
  • Profile content writing of Pinterest
  • Create board
  • Create pins on boards
  • Increase the followers on Pinterest
YouTube Promotion

YouTube Promotion

  • Creating a channel on YouTube
  • Increase the views of the video
  • Submission of video (Dailymotion, Vimeo Account Setup, YouTube)
With social media marketing platforms, our clients can easily connect with the potential audience to build a brand, expand sales, and drive website traffic. A good social media optimization strategy by a magnificent SMO agency helps the consumers engage and interact with the brand's content, build loyalty, and most importantly, it helps the brand know the consumer's behavior and sentiment.
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Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media marketing, ad campaigns and many other digital promotions campaigns.

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