YII Development

YII framework

Yii is a modern PHP framework which is high performance and can be used for developing both APIs and web applications. It assists web developers construct complex applications and deliver result on time. At Chawtech Solutions we understand the requirements and expectation of our clients and hence provide them with the best solutions.

Yii is an application development framework which is free and open source used to promote DRY and clean design and also encourages rapid development. Through this, your application development can be streamlined and helps you in ensuring maintainable, extensible and efficient end product. Irrespective of the size of the project, Yii is just the right choice for people looking for performance optimized application.

Yii has been built, keeping in mind the sophisticated and enterprise application. The user gets the full control of the configuration and therefore further confirms development guidelines of every enterprise. The tools that come with the package will also help you test and debug the application that you are developing with comprehensive documentation. The high performance framework comes with number of rich features such as MVC, I18N/L10N, caching, access control as per the role, testing, scaffolding, authentication, DAO/ActiveRecord and much more. All these put together, your development times significantly reduces and gives you time to focus on other areas. Security is something Yii is majorly focused upon as it includes output filtering, cross site scripting prevention, SQL injection, input validation and more. Once you work with Yii development, your work of web application will turn out very easy.