Artificial Intelligence: The Revolutionary Development in Mobile Technology
Artificial Intelligence: The Revolutionary Development in Mobile Technology

We are living in a time where technology is the most fast growing thing in the world. Remember how we used to predict the future and imagine how technology will take over? It is actually happening and we are experiencing it in our day-to-day life. One of the biggest example of revolutionary technology is Artificial Intelligence, which has become an essential aspect in our life through technological devices such as mobile phones. Mobile phones have become more of our daily companion than just a device, and Artificial Intelligence has taken OS development to a whole new level. Organisations focusing on digital marketing, has incorporated AI in their website in the form of chatbots. These chatbots are basically computing system communicating with the potential customers in a humanoid manner in a simple and colloquial language. Artificial Intelligence assistance such as SIRI, Alexa and Google Assistant are one of the biggest talked about factors of OS development. These digital assistants communicate with their users in the most human-like way cracking jokes and even singing song, it is almost like you are talking to your friend or family member.
Below we have pointed some ways how AI helps in Mobile OS development.

Artificial Intelligence Learning
Since machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence you will be able to use the same when it comes to android and IOS development. There are various types of learning involved in IOS and AI development. The most common method of learning is by trial and error as the AI at first picks up some random response that synchronizes with your taste or search. If it is wrong, then the chatbots memorizes the actual response and uses them for future reference. Communication becomes easier and more user-friendly over a period of time with AI functions.
Artificial Intelligence software such as SIRI or Cortana can also learn through generalisation. The AI system has the capability to memorise and store in your response and operations. In the same, they generalise your likes and dislikes and surprises you with accurate solutions.

Artificial Intelligence in Reasoning
Humans always try to find reason in whatever they do and AI has developed the same power of reasoning in Android and IOS development. In order to improve the interaction phenomenon, iPhone app developers use inductive reasoning process in AI. They collect the repetitive response and behaviour of the users and implement it to make a model which can predict their future references. To provide credible solution to the users and make it human-like, it is important for the developers to keep a track on the user’s daily searches and activities. Don’t you find it exciting when Google predicts the search for you when you are just halfway through it? It is because of AI reasoning process.

Users get a perfect experience with AI facilities
AI facilities in OS development has helped the users in a lot of ways. Since technology is improving day by day, it has created a huge impact on our life with AI development.

1# With the help of AI you can find any image with voice optimized search options. You can just ask SIRI or Google Assistant for any image and you will find it without any issue.

2# You can track your daily activities with the help of AI in android and IOS development. You can keep a count of the number of calories lost in one day, number of steps taken in a day, and many more. The AI will also let you know if you have completed your daily requirement of exercise.

3# Android and IOS development services with the help of AI include more interactive creative features such as face detection, text recognition and prediction, image labelling, etc.

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