Why is Codeigniter Framework More Productive Than Custom PHP Development?
Why is Codeigniter Framework More Productive Than Custom PHP Development?

There are a few PHP frameworks available and out of them all Codeigniter is one of the most popular and best frameworks. This is a good option for large scale as well as small scale businesses. If you are looking towards creating a good business web application then this framework will give you a good solution. The reason why people prefer this option is because it has a reliable creative pattern and also there is good amount of flexibility as well. When an enterprise is looking forward for a high performing web application, a good framework will be needed because only then, there would be clean coding, easy maintenance feature, robust technology and capability to handle any complex design. This framework has a very good community as well and so when any issue comes up you always get good help from the community members as well as the experts. Hence, due to all these basic reasons it appears that Codeigniter framework is better than the other custom PHP development frame works.

Choosing the best out of the 50 plus PHP frameworks
When PHP based apps are created there will be need for PHP coding and programming. With Codeigniter or CI, life will become quite easy. CI is an open source framework and so the tasks are quite easy to perform. At some level if you get stuck into a trouble then too there are several CI experts who can give you the relevant guidance. The light weight feature of CI makes the project completion very quick. The security functions as available are good enough and so you will never have to worry about leak of information within and outside the networks. With CI the error handling will also be very easy and hence a logical structure will be available.

Step by step testing is possible at every stage of development
The best thing about codeigniter is that, at every stage testing the framework will be possible. This will help you to understand the things in regards to how functional the project is and what changes are required to be made. So, all these things are not possible if you are using the other custom made PHP frameworks.

The reasons why you need to rely on codeigniter than the other custom PHP frameworks
Here are the reasons why codeigniter is preferred than other custom PHP frameworks

  • 1# Better community support
  • 2# Testing ease at different stages of project development
  • 3# Easy coding with less codes
  • 4# Better levels of security
  • 5# Better organization of files and good documentation
  • 6# Easy to maintain with less execution time
  • 7# Better data handling
  • 8# Simple configuration

When you compare these benefits with the rest of custom PHP frameworks you will realize that how this kind of framework would be better for your business. Every business needs better application and project management. So, opting for codeigniter as a solution for your web application would be a smart decision. This will benefit the business for sure with ease in your online tasks.

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