Want to Create A New Android App?  Here are the Top 5 Android Frameworks for Sure Success
Want to Create A New Android App? Here are the Top 5 Android Frameworks for Sure Success

Today, the world depends on digital platforms to live life. Whether filling up a simple form online to ordering food during COVID-19, we have been dependent on this era of digitalization. Why would you lag with businesses and individuals turning to digital means for sustenance? To flourish your business in today’s competitive market, you have to strategize and find appropriate solutions. One of the most excellent strategies adopted by small and big sectors today is creating a mobile app. With a well-built and optimized Android app, you can deliver your customers the services they expect from you and your brand. If you are new to creating an Android app, we will guide you through the process.

What is an App Framework?

App frameworks are software platforms that provide components, templates, and structures to help build applications and reduce common problems associated with the process. Engineers can accomplish this by using code that is shared across modules. For app development projects, frameworks act as layouts.

The Top 5 Frameworks for Android App Building

A few top frameworks help you build the most suitable Android application for your business. We have shortlisted the 5 best ones for you –


Flutter is designed to help developers build apps for Android and iOS. Flutter works by compiling your Flutter code into native Android or iOS. Flutter was originally called Sky and was designed by Google engineers to run on Android. The framework was initially designed in 2017, making it one of the newest frameworks for Android app development.

A Few Features of the Framework are –

1. Flutter framework comes with a toolbox that includes the following: pre-built widgets, APIs, CLI tools, and a set of other tools.

2. Developers can easily remodel an existing widget with a flutter or create a new one with it.

3. The best feature of flutter is that it is highly reliable.


App Builder is a cross-platform app creator that helps you create apps for Android and other devices as well. The best advantage of this android framework is that you needn’t hire any app developer or learn about coding. The framework is pretty easy to use and is a perfect fit for Android app development.

A few features of this framework are –

1. The app comes with built-in blocks. This helps you with functionalities like feedback, content updates, and more.

2. It is easily compatible with Google Play


Ionic is an open-source mobile app platform that allows developers to build mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Since then, Ionic has grown to become a large and mature community of over 5 million developers worldwide. Together, these developers have built over 5 million apps using Ionic.


NativeScript, the framework used to develop native apps, is an application development platform that has become increasingly popular among developers. The framework is used to build cross-platform apps, which can be used on various mobile devices such as Android and iOS phones and tablets. Native Script is a framework that enables developers to build native apps using JavaScript. The framework is flexible and can be used to build various apps for a variety of purposes.


Xamarin provides a platform for building apps for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Developers use Xamarin to build apps for multiple platforms using C# and the .NET Framework. This framework looks native on any device.

Features of Xamarin includes –

1. With this framework, developers get to use one API for all platforms.

2. There are more than 40 cross-platform layouts in the Xamarin library


Building a successful mobile application relies on an Android frameworks, greatly improving the development experience. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the Android frameworks’ main features to choose the one that will help your mobile development projects turn out positively.

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