How Augmented Reality Shaping the User Experience of Mobile Apps and Increasing the Customer Experience?
How Augmented Reality Shaping the User Experience of Mobile Apps and Increasing the Customer Experience?

Since Pokèmon Go’s arrival, this technology has made its wide entry to almost all things in our lives. From popular Snapchat and Instagram filters to online shopping mobile apps, it is everywhere; it is Augmented Reality, aka AR. It lets the users experience the digital objects in their real-life world through an app that enables the features. Using this, AR is enhancing the app user experiences that let businesses increase their customer experiences. But how can AR enhance the app user experiences? To know that, we have to start with the basics.

What is Augmented Reality or AR?

Augmented reality or AR is a part of extended reality (XR) that extends our vision from the real-life world to the digital world at the same time. Virtual Reality (VR) is a trendy term we are aware of, but AR is slightly different. Unlike VR, AR doesn’t need a headset or specialized device to experience the digital world objects; instead, it blends the computer-generated reality into the actual environment that can be viewed with a smartphone camera through certain apps. Many app development companies have started to incorporate this feature into the applications to enhance the user experiences to see and feel the products digitally in their real-world.

How is Augmented Reality Enhancing the User Experiences to Increase the Customer Experience?

Mobile app development becomes a must for every business sector besides having a robust website to enhance the user experience. App gives the users easier and faster access to the product pages than the websites and comes with great experiences. Augmented reality takes this experience to the next level by including its features.

Following are the top five ways AR is enhancing the customer experiences,

Removing uncertainty before selecting a product:

With its extensive features, AR can let you see which product will be appropriate for you without visiting the store physically. It will access the smartphone camera and use the business app to let you know how the products will look in your place, removing the uncertainty before the product purchase.

Making the place a visual trial room:

By including its digital vision features in online shopping, AR allows the users to try a product virtually and see how they look on them. Purchasing clothes becomes easier with this. With smartphone camera access, an AR-infused mobile apps can enhance the shopping experience of the customers innovatively.

Provides interactive packaging technology:

Some brands come with interactive AR technology on their packaging to let the user check what it consists of. It will save time both for customers and businesses, eliminating the need for checking and repacking the items.

Informs about what is trendy:

Some popular brands incorporate AR features into their shopping mobile apps to let the users know what is trendy as per social media rating and other measures. It will access the device camera and tell the users about the popularity of the products being captured on-screen.

Provides an edge in services and product support:

Instead of directly incorporating your customer support team, AR can provide a remote support team to your business by providing information to your customers that they need through the business app. It makes information like the FAQ pages and helpsheet documents at the users’ fingertips to reduce their time and enhance the experience.


These are the top five ways augmented reality makes businesses increase their customer experience by enhancing the mobile apps user experience. If one can decide which product will be better for them or their place without physically visiting the store, it will surely elevate their shopping experiences. Thank you for reading the writing; please share with others if you find this helpful.

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