Check out upcoming UI and UX trends for 2020
Check out upcoming UI and UX trends for 2020

The abbreviations UI and UX stand for mobile User Interface and mobile User Experience respectively. When both these aspects are closely knitted an extremely user-friendly platform is created. Specified in the followings are some of the 2020 Top Mobile UI / UX Trends.

1. Upgraded personalization
In 2020 mobile apps will be all the more personalized and there will be a craze for it throughout the year. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are paving the path for the customization of the apps. Thus, a personalized UX will be on the rise.

2. Easy on the eyes
A particular device’s corners are rounded as it gives a good and smooth appearance. This creates a positive impact on the UX. This not only has a smoother effect on your eyes but also helps to process the data much more easily.

3. Voice control or command
Siri, Alexa and Google assistant-all work on voice command. This has been a trend in the recent past and will be emerging as to be so in 2020 as well. The voice-controlled applications have been making our lives much easier with their precise information and location. Since they can be commanded without using your hands, they happen to help you when your hands are full.

4. Logging in without a password
This trend for UX has been extremely useful since most of the people forget their passwords after logging in on an account. With the use of OTP life has indeed become a little easier as you need not keep on remembering all the passwords. Alongside this facial recognition as well as biometric recognition is soon gaining rapid fame.

5. Motioned animation
Well a picture does say a better story than any words would. In this age of animation, motion has gained rapid recognition. Animation helps you to understand an app, its functions and features much better. Instead of continuous instructions it is much better to explain with the help of a picture.

6. Use of grand gradient
To provide that extra effect and edge to the virtual world, gradient will take both UI and UX to a greater level. Brighter shades of colours and grand designs will be added to the mobile phone background. Vibrant palettes enhance the dimension and the depth of the UI design. Thus, this will have a greater effect on the user.

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