What is the Cost of Maintaining Mobile Apps In 2022?
What is the Cost of Maintaining Mobile Apps In 2022?

The world is going around because of mobile apps. According to the current reports of 2021, there are almost 3.48 million mobile apps available in Google Play Store. These apps were downloaded, almost 108 billion times. But are you aware of what will happen to your app when it becomes available for the users? Do you think the story only ends here? Mobile app maintenance helps to deliver a good experience and fix bugs. Being an entrepreneur, it is also needed to scale or improve the app to retain existing ones and gain more followers. It is very important to invest in maintaining the app and its scalability. Otherwise, it could be a reason for dreaded app uninstalls and app failure.

How much will it cost to maintain the App?

Figuring the exact amount needed to maintain an app is tricky. It depends on several factors, to be specific. Some factors can lower or increase the final price or the app maintenance. But if you are talking about the average cost of the app maintenance, then the cost required for the first year after its launch is 50% of the app’s development cost.

This also happens due to the various improvements one may want to introduce because of the users’ feedback. Later on, the budget for maintaining the app every year will be somewhere between 15% to 20% of the initial app development cost. Keep in mind that the maintenance cost will be as long as it exists. A mobile app development company will provide you with the best solution on how much you will need to maintain mobile apps. In this way, you need to fix the budget as well.

Factors affecting the cost

Many factors depend on the final cost of app maintenance. On that note, here are a few of the factors mentioned that will help you to know about the cost of mobile app maintenance in general:

1. Updates and Bug-Fixing

If you update your mobile app daily, it can help you to enhance the UX and fix bugs. The cost of updates varies a lot. It depends upon many factors, such as changes in functionalities and the complexities of the app. If your mobile app has a bug, it would require around $50 to fix it. If you want to update, the cost needed will range between $1000 to $2000.

2. Hosting Maintenance

The server cost and the app hosting price play other major factors in determining app maintenance costs. The kind of server should be considered for the app, which will ultimately decide the final cost of the app hosting. It usually ranges between $70 to $320 per month.

3. Analytics

Crashes, mobile app bugs, and many other glitches must be properly monitored and analyzed. There are analytics tools that help to monitor such insights. Google Analytics is one such tool that helps to make a good decision. There are also other tools available that will help to provide critical insights.

4. Customer Support

Sometimes mobile apps require the concerns of customer support to address the problem. For that reason, you need to invest in customer support from mobile app development companies, which is an ongoing cost. The cost requires on the measures and services provided.

How to lower the cost of the maintenance of mobile apps?

The cost of maintaining and developing mobile apps depends on different factors. But there are certain factors that will help to decrease the expenses of the maintenance.

Invest in the proper app development platform

There are options where you can decide to choose the platform for app development. You have the option to choose from a hybrid or native app development platform.

Build Mvp First

MVP means Minimum Viable Product, which is basically an app having basic features. It offers unnecessary features that increase the loading time and also increase the crash chances. Therefore it is suggested to develop the MVP with logical and necessary features of the users.

Discuss the strategy with the app development partner

If you contact a reliable and efficient app development company, then the experts can offer high-quality services for maintenance whenever needed. You have to discuss the expenses that are required for app development and maintenance with the experts. This will help to plan the budget and make a concrete decision.


If you want your mobile application to run smoothly and not cause any disturbance, maintain the mobile applications properly. The cost needed to maintain the mobile applications in 2022 will depend on the aforementioned factors.

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