Top 2021 Digital Health trends that are Advancing the Industry
Top 2021 Digital Health trends that are Advancing the Industry

Adapting to digital trends has become crucial to every business, and healthcare is no different. One needs to let go of their outdated business mentality and keep moving with the changes in the business world, as this can yield great results. In the past few years, it has been observed that a digital transformation has made a substantial positive impact in the world of healthcare. Things like telemedicine, blockchain health records, AI-based devices, etc., have made a path breaking impact.

Now data can be shared quickly and freely to collate reports, and the outcomes have been beneficial. Healthcare is a field of science and therefore requires innovation very frequently. Thus, digital health trends have only helped optimize the system, streamlining reports and reducing human error, which has improved accuracy.

The rise of AI has brought a considerable change, and its impact has been noticeable, especially when the world is battling a deadly pandemic. If you are a medical institution, you must connect with a Health App Development Company to conduct in-depth research in this department.


Some Digital Trends That Have Changed The Face Of Healthcare In 2021 Are Mentioned As Follows:

1. Telemedicine: This has been the most helpful in recent times when people are practicing social distancing. Many doctors conducted virtual visits to their patients using telemedicine. This way, the patients could be treated without a doctor being in contact with them. Plus, this trend will rise even more in the years to come, making healthcare even more hassle-free. More patients are adopting this method to treat minor health concerns.

2. Thermal Screening: Infrared thermometers that don’t have to contact the patient have been convenient to check the temperature of patients in the hospitals during the pandemic outbreak. It has also been used in malls, airports, hotels, and places of public gathering to check temperatures using AI. Many symptomatic individuals have been identified using thermal screening.

3. CT Scan Analysis: Pneumonia has been a prevalent ailment during the recent pandemic, and CT scans are being conducted to understand its extent. With so many CT scans happening on the same day, human error is bound to happen and may tamper with the report’s accuracy. Using AI can help in solving this problem. Using multinational training data for machine learning can yield notifications which can help with the treatment process.

4. Blockchain Technology For Medical Science: Blockchain was used to keep cryptocurrencies safe. It is now being used in the healthcare industry. It helps in saving patient records and family history in synchronized order. This way, doctors can access patient information with ease. It is much like a digital ledger that can be checked to understand the patient’s medical conditions. Many Health App Development Company mainly use this technology to keep a record of patients.

5. Growth Of Wearable Medical Devices: Who knew that a watch could detect the oxygen levels in your blood? Having medical devices accessible and readable by laypeople has made it very easy for people to see health problems. It helps in the prevention of diseases and maintenance of health in the long run. Other wearable devices like oximeters, heart rate sensors, exercise trackers, etc., have been beneficial in recent times.



The whole healthcare system has seen a significant change with the inclusion of digitization. It has eased things and added far more accuracy to the system. As a result, the healthcare technology industry is booming, and how! Its contribution has been immense, especially in the current scenario. AI has been proven for its reliability, and medical organizations are now banking to improve their performance.

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