Dimensional Importance of Mobile App Testing
Dimensional Importance of Mobile App Testing

The Mobile App Testing requires enterprises and companies to develop applications which are scalable and accessible across multiple software and mobile platforms. The functionality, usability and consistency of the mobile app are usually tested.The app has to have a good amount of utility else it will be a cold deal and the app development will be a futile one. The mobile app testing will eventually help in detecting the drawbacks of the app and then finding a solution to them. If this is not done then it indeed becomes the biggest setback of the mobile app. The important factors for which it should be done are as follows :-

1. To check the app accessibility

Once the mobile app testing is done, it tells us what is the rate of accessibility of the particular app that has been tested. It tells us whether we as users can or cannot access the app and its features. However, measures are taken so that the app indeed becomes accessible.

2. To check its behavior
Mobile testing is also done in order to check its behavior on other devices. It is mandatory to do it so that there is no hazard that the user might face later. There might be many limitations but it is required to overcome those.

3. To check its usage
Unless there is a definite utility of the app then it becomes null and void. The test will help to understand the utility of the app. The mobile app testing will help to work on its drawback and enhance its utility.

4. To keep it updated
The mobile testing is much needed to keep in sync with the changing scenarios and app requirements.

5. Key factors to be considered
The factors given below are to be considered when a mobile app testing takes place :-

Simulators or Real devices – these help to providea real environment while the testing of the mobile app takes place and the real devices only help to hard-test the applications.
Cloud Testing –leveraging the cloud helps you to reach quickly to the market and thus cuts down the testing costs.
Selection of Mobile Devices – it is vital to select the appropriate and suitable device for the testing as required by the usage patterns and the target group.
Network – It is a mandatory thing to test the applications under different network conditions. This will help to make them more functional across trying network situations.
Performance – Testing can be automatically implemented to check how the application performs and verifies its behavior by applying load or stress.
Manual/Automated – Both manual and automated testings are important to test mobile apps and check them for any bugs that will cause a hinderance.

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