Future of Mobile App Development is React Native
Future of Mobile App Development is React Native

The visionaries always create the future in the present. The aspects of the future app development are huge and wide. The benefits are numerous and can be modified when the requirement arises. In this world of fast developing mobile phones we really cannot deny the truth that we need high-end apps. Apps have made our lives much easier and have brought almost the world at the tip of our fingers.

Facebook had created an open-source mobile network which has been named React Native. React Native is required to develop applications for iOS, Android, Web and UWP along with native platform capabilities. It was initially released in the year 2015 and primarily uses the JavaScript along with Java, C++, Objective-C, Python for writing.

The bedrock
With the help of React Native the development process of apps have been paced up. It is a cross-app development framework that has become a mandate for developing an app. Almost over 1.6k people has made a contribution to this. They have committed code to the database of this framework. It uses JavaScript to build the framework for an app. Though many latest app developing frameworks have come up yet React Native happens to top the list of most advanced technologies. React Native is used by developers to build reusable UI component. It also helps in handling view layer for web and mobile apps.

Topping the list
There are reasons why the React Native is gaining rapid recognition. The following is just a nutshell account of all the reasons.
1# Its fast and quick evolution has made it easily acquires.
2# The regular updates help it to be ahead of all the technologies.
3# The developers will be at par with each other.
4# Though it is a user interface library you, need to learn a variety of things before you actually get to learn React Native.
5# It is extremely popular with the app developers.
6# It is easy to pick up and thus, is significantly readable.
7# Since the Facebook Engineering community backs it, React Native gets a huge support and backing.
8# Users get prompt updates from the apps that are developed based on React Native.
9# Regular updating keeps the users free from worries of apps facing setbacks.
10# React Native has made and will make the developing of apps much easier.

The wrapping up
There is no denial to the fact that React Native is indeed pivotal in developing an app. It develops the best apps and has developed the best ones so far. It is backed by the Facebook Engineering community which has brought it to the limelight of the world. Since it is extremely essential that the app does not fail, React Native happens to be the best choice.

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