Top Javascript Frontend Frameworks That We Must Know
Top Javascript Frontend Frameworks That We Must Know

JavaScript supports event-driven, imperative, and functional programming styles. It is a multi-paradigm language. In the initial days, developers used to use Javascript for the client-side only. Though today, this programming language is used as a server-side language as well. On the whole, JavaScript is the language of the web world.

What is JavaScript Framework, And Why to Use It?

A software framework is an abstract figure. The user has to add a written code for that. The application framework is written in JavaScript in the particular framework. Here the coders can manipulate the functions. They can use those functions for their convenience.

Framework, especially Php Framework, really matters to a developer when it comes to website designing. JavaScript frameworks are the tools to make working with JavaScript easier. These frameworks help to code an application as per a device response. The responsiveness makes JavaScript frameworks a popular high-level machine language.


React.js is a JavaScript library to build UI interfaces on the web. Jordan Walker, along with some Facebook engineers, created it in 2013. React.js is counted as one of the most influential JavaScript-based frameworks with several new concepts. The concepts include declarative programming & immutable state. React.js introduced Virtual DOM for a better user experience and performance. In addition to that, it is paired with Electron with Noda.js for backend development.


Angular.js is Google that invented an open-source framework in 2010, one of the oldest JavaScript frameworks in the market. Later it was redesigned and had a re-release in 2016. This framework creates single-page web applications.

Angular.js is widely liked for being very secure. Other features of Javascript include DOM sanitization and UI view templates. It can make accessible applications. Big companies like Forbes, Microsoft, Google use it for their websites.


Vue.js is a newer JavaScript framework in the market, brought to the tech world in 2014. With the 3rd rank in the list, Vue.js has gained much popularity. Most developers already use it or look forward to doing so. Vue.js is one of the few ones that a tech giant does not back.

Virtual DOM, including templates based on HTML, is used here. This JavaScript framework offers PWA development along with both-way data binding. Overall the framework has variety, is lightweight, performant. Renowned companies like Apple, Nintendo, Adobe use Vue.js at a large scale.


It is the newest JS, introduced in the year 2016 by Rich Harris. It comes in open-source, component-oriented, written in format. Initially, Svelte.js did not have any virtual DOM, but later that was included.

This JavaScript framework has a developing contributor’s community. They are committed to uplift the framework. Svelte.js has created a great impression within a short time. It ranks 2nd in the top list of JS frameworks.

Final Thought


Over the last 25 years, JS has garnered so many tools as the most used programming language worldwide. Developers certainly have their preference for frontend frameworks when it is about Php Framework. They come with unique features and facilities. If the given data serves the knowledge-seeking people in some way and they find it useful, the purpose of writing the blog is done. Visit the website for more information.

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