7 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

Native apps are gaining in popularity every day for Application Development. With new updates and advanced frameworks, it has enormous demands among entrepreneurs for cross-platform applications. 

But developers must learn ways to avoid some common issues during the development process. It can ruin the user experience and skills of the developer. Also, the developer must rely on his Java skills to navigate through these mistakes. 


Misusing Redux Store

Most developers focus on the creative parts during React Native App Development. Redux store helps in seamless data management and debugging the app states. So, it can be a powerful tool when appropriately planned. But if not, it can mess up the entire application development. 

Also, the developer must know that redux development is unsuitable for lighter projects. Even when you need to make minute changes, you have to write lengthy codes. So, you should only use the Redux store for writing large-scale applications. 


Not Image Optimization 

A developer should give topmost priority to image optimisation while developing apps. Although many loopholes plague the system, it passes every test quickly. That’s why it’s one of the best options to create mobile applications for any reactive native developer. 

Image Optimization also helps developers resize the image, upload them on the cloud and get the link; Un-optimized photos can affect the memory big time and require significant memory. 

You can also fasten up image uploading by using small size images, cache them locally or use the PNG format instead of JPEG. 


Poor Coding Practice 

If you are using poor coding skills, things can quickly turn upside down. Also, you would need to change the code every time you want to make minor modifications. While writing codes make them readable and:


1. Define the prop types

2. Use destructuring properties 

3. Assign understandable names to the variables

4. Differentiate between life cycles and methods and render elements to the structures


Making Wrong Assumptions 

Usually, beginner native app developers make this mistake during Application Development. Any wrong estimates would cause the application to go wrong. So, it’s necessary to assume the Android and iOS versions layout separately. You will find there are multiple layouts and components and the structures are different for each. First, estimate the validation layout because you are supposed to be writing big codes. 

Also, examine each endpoint in the back while building any hybrid application. Devise the correct code and logic for the app because you must understand that the database structure and connected principles will help plan the Redox store. 


Using The Incorrect Module 

Sometimes, the developers use extra modules to save time. Also, the modules come with documentation, which helps developers fasten up the process by taking the information. But the modules might fail to work under some circumstances. So, the developers can read the ode and know what is wrong. There are also chances that the developer is using incorrect coding, so reading helps. 


Leaving The console.log Statement In The Application

The console log statement helps to debug, and leaving it on the application is erroneous. It can result in bottlenecks in JavaScript, and the application will become slower. 


Using Stateless Components For Better Experience 

Stateless components have no extended class and help with easier testing, faster implementation, and much more. Many developers prefer to use pure ingredients to improve speed and performance. 


To End With

Any developer can commit a mistake during React Native App Development. Therefore, it’s vital to hone your skills from time to time. If you are in your application’s initial stages, associating with a development agency can help. So, if you are working on native apps, consider the above tips and relearn your skills. 


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