Mobile Apps VS Web Apps
Mobile Apps VS Web Apps

Pros and Cons of mobile apps and web apps

A mobile app is one that can be easily downloaded to be installed on a smart phone. It usually runs with internet connectivity or at times some apps can be used without any internet connection as well. However, the latter depends on the nature of the app. On the other hand, a web app works only with a strong web browser on a smart phone.

Benefits of a Mobile App

There is a series of benefits that would help you to choose between a mobile app and a web app. Mobile apps are faster as compared to the web apps. Mobile apps are more easily available and happen to be more cost-effective. You can choose from an array of apps that would suit your personal requirements. The content on a mobile app would be more personalised. The user can avail both online and offline access to the mobile apps. Apps for banking, games, retail, finance etc. can be used without any access to the internet. One great added advantage of these mobile apps is that once they are downloaded then it can access the device system, phone camera and files. This in return helps you to use the GPS to connect with maps, PFDs, QR and Bar codes and NFC to use for payments and other services without any hassle. The mobile apps send push notifications and instant updates which help you to view the notifications at a go. It is no doubt that these apps have made our lives much easier as everything is available at once. These have a mainstream source for entertainment for both adults and kids. If you want to use a mobile app for your own branding then it would be a great idea. These mobile apps will increase the SEO of your brand which in return will reach out to a large mass.

Benefits of a Web App

The web apps as well have their own benefits. For example the function in-browser which does not require to be installed or downloaded separately. These apps can be maintained easily because of a common codebase regardless of the mobile platform and software. As these require constant internet connectivity, they update themselves on their own as and when needed. The web apps can be builteasily and quickly as per the need and requirement. Web apps can be launched quicker than expected as app store approval is not required to launch them.

Cons of both the Apps

However, mobile apps are more expensive to develop, mostly not cost-effective and require constant updates. The web apps might be suitable for use by adults only. Kids might not benefit much from the web apps. These happen to be slower than mobile apps, run higher risks of poor quality and the apps cannot give you guarantee for its security.

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