Node.JS VS JavaScript – A Complete Guide
Node.JS VS JavaScript – A Complete Guide

The 90s was a crazy and highly advancing time in the history of computing. That is when Java and JavaScrip made a grand entry. As soon as they left the labs, their success nearly broke off their popularity meter! Yes! They were a huge success. But, as soon as Node.js was rolled out, the developers found a new interest. For a long time now, JavaScript and Node.js have been pinned in a battle against each other. On the one hand, we have the traditional foundations of Javascript, and on the other, there is the flexibility of Node.js. Now, the question is who will come out the star out of the Node.JS vs JavaScript debate? Node.js development company and JavaScript too are in the great demand.


An Introduction To JavaScript And Node.js:


Before delving into the Node.JS vs JavaScript debate, first, let us give you a brief idea about the two competitors:


1. JavaScript: It is a Scripting language that is mostly the updated version of the ECMA script. Javascript, a high-level programming language, is based on prototype inheritance and uses the concept of Oops. It runs in web browsers with a proper browser engine. This language is often used to build web applications on any verification or any specific business logic. Using Ajax also becomes easy- all thanks to JavaScript! It is mainly used to develop the front-end of a web application. JavaScript runs on any engine like Google Chrome, Safari, Core, or Firefox.


2. Node.js: It is an open-source and cross-platform running environment or interpreter for JavaScript. It allows JavaScript to run on the server-side or browser. It comes with many modules and is used primarily on the back-end of the web development process. It runs only on a V8 engine like Google Chrome. Most developers use Node.js to devise software solutions to access any non-blocking operation of an operating system.


How Are JavaScript And NOde.js Different?

Below are the key points that define the Node.JS VS JavaScript spectrum:

1.  While JavaScript is a simple programming language, Node.js is an interpreter or running environment for Javascript.

2. Java Script can run in any browser JavaScript Engine, but Node.js needs libraries that are easily accessible from JavaScript programming.

3. Front-end development uses JavaScript, while the service-side needs Node.js.

4. A few of the JavaScript framework includes TypedJS, RamdaJS among many others. Express and Lodash are examples of the Node.js module.

5. JavaScript programming language is easy to write, and any written JavaScript code can run in any environment. But, Node.js only supports the V8 engine.

6. There are different ways of writing code. JavaScript uses Chrome’s V8 engine written in C++. But, Node.js is written in C, C++, and JavaScript itself. You can say Java Programming Code is the standard. Node.js allows any javascript program to run in any browser environment.

7. While Node.js has the utility to run a few operating system-specific non-blocking tasks from any JavaScript programming, JavaScript cannot do it. In order to perform any operating system-specific non-blocking task, JavaScrip can only work with a few specific objects. However, all of them are operating system-specific.


Let’s Wrap Up On The Debate:

It is hard to conclude the Node.JS VS JavaScript debate on any unitary verdict. Why? With Node.js being an extension of the JavaScript libraries with a hoard of advantages and JavaScript being a prevalent programming language choice among web developers, how do you choose a winner between them? Thus, it is best to say that as both of them are stars in their unique ways, you can use them based on your specific needs.

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