Popular Cross-Platform App Development Tools to Choose in 2021
Popular Cross-Platform App Development Tools to Choose in 2021

The popularity of mobile applications in businesses has increased with the growing popularity of eCommerce and online business. The mobile application can increase your product’s sales and boost your brand identity with its excellent user experience, making it a must-have feature for every sector. Talking about the mobile application, currently, most mobile app development companies prefer cross-platform app development tools because of their plenty of features and easier process. Unlike the traditional application development tools, it allows the developers to develop applications for all kinds of mobile operating platforms without using different languages and tools. In 2021, there are plenty of cross-platform app development tools available on the internet, but to select the right one for your business app development, you first need to know the basics.

What is the cross-platform app development?

Typically for creating an app, it is necessary to use different tools and technologies, particularly for various mobile operating platforms. And the process comes with a need of increased development expense with a necessity for highly skilled developers in diverse languages. Cross-platform app development tools reduce these extra costs by allowing the developers to create applications for multiple mobile platforms simultaneously and speed up the development process. Here, you can write the code once, and it will run to various platforms without causing any UX problems. Hence, it has become one of the best app development tools for mobile application development.

Popular cross-platform app development tools to choose in 2021

There are many cross-platform app development tools available online, but choosing the right one from the vast list is hard. Based on the popularity, following we have listed the top 5 popular cross platform app development tools of the year,

Phone Gap (Apache Cordova)

It is one of the popular cross-platform frameworks supported by Adobe. The easier app development process made it famous. You can develop applications suitable for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and using this tool.


This free, open-source, cross-platform framework is supported by Microsoft. If you want to create simple applications, then this can be the right choice. You can develop software for desktop and mobile operating systems using its C# programming language.

React Native

This is one of the well-known cross-platform development frameworks supported by Facebook. It allows the developers to develop applications for iOS and Android platforms using JavaScript. Unlike others, it is not based on HTML; instead, it is based on React, providing an excellent combination of JavaScript and React.JS.

Native Script

You can develop applications suitable for Android and iOS platforms using the same code with this open-source app development framework. It uses three programming languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular. By using this, you can also get access to the native API. It is mostly preferred in micro app development.


This almost newer free open source cross-app development platform framework is supported by Google, allowing the developers to create apps with one array of code. Unlike the other app development platforms, it doesn’t use JavaScript; instead, it uses a dart programming language. With Flutter’s Hot-Reload feature, you can modify your code, see the results simultaneously, and update the app within a few moments. Apart from all this, using Flutter, you can create applications for the latest Google Fuchsia OS platform, along with iOS, Android, and others. Based on the popularity, we have listed these top 5 top cross-platform app development tools to choose from in 2021. Consider the listing mentioned above if you are looking for the best cross-platform app development tool for your business’s mobile application development process. Thank you for reading the full article. Please share if you like it.

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