Pre-Launch Market Research: A Way to Make an App Successful
Pre-Launch Market Research: A Way to Make an App Successful

If you are one of them who doesn’t plan for market research before launching an app, then clearly, you are trying to take a shot in the dark. Without proper planning, too much risk is involved which can bring down low results to the app history. Successful mobile app marketing involves well-constructed market research.

So, what is it basically that forms a successful app marketing strategy? What are the right steps that should be taken into consideration? Well, here are some pointers that will help you create the right strategies for the app promotion.

1. Analyze the Big Players:

There are some applications that are successful for a reason. But why are they successful, analyze it, get inspired, and improve the things that you have noticed. There is always room for improvement. Read the reviews, know their users’ views, understand what is lacking, and address the users’ problems to improve the thing that you are creating. No one in this world settles for the worst, they all want the best every time. Find out how the current successful application attracted the users towards its features, and understand what’s more they are offering. Navigate to the other applications of the same domain that your app will obtain and discover what the top applications have in common and what best features differentiate them. Since you are not creating an application that belongs to a completely new category, you need to take inspiration and perform analysis methods to make improvements in the current applications and then inherit them into your idea. Remember, Audience wants the best every time.

2. Work on the Keywords:

One thing that most people miss is to work with the keywords. They then look for digital promotion companies to optimize their application for play store or app store algorithms. That time, they understand how important is to work with the keywords. But this blog is for you to not make that mistake.
Understand it from the beginning. When you are performing a mobile app development procedure, you have some terms in your mind something like that defines what the application does. Okay so now, with the help of keyword planner tools, analyze your competitor’s keywords and see how well they are ranking for particular keywords, now check what’s the volume of the keyword you have thought of and how hard it is to find your application with that keyword. Analyze and see how hard it is for you to rank in the app store or play store. You can also proceed with the long-tail keywords or the keywords that look alike your original keyword. Don’t forget to optimize the keywords and focused terms of your mobile application.

3. Learn from the Small Players:

After performing the above two activities and utilizing numerous tools, you have enough data to proceed further. But wait, that isn’t enough. You need to check the mistakes that you should avoid and this data can be obtained from the applications that didn’t perform well in the market research.
Yes, you got it right. Learn from others’ mistakes. Analyze the applications that were not successful. Maybe you had also included something that they tried to do. And at the best, you will always find out what you should not do and what wrong they were doing. You will get the answers to your never asked questions. Did they include features that nobody was looking for or was their marketing too bad that nobody couldn’t know about them? Did they not resolve the customer complaints or did they just miss out on the international market?

4. Marketing is Never Enough:

Agree or not, but marketing is never enough for anything. Prepare research on how successful applications are marketing themselves. It may happen that you do not have a budget to promote your application with social media influencers but still when you look closer at the marketing techniques, you will always find some cheaper mainstreams. You can connect with the customers who have visited your website or any digital platform in the old days, you can retarget the old customers, or target the demanded audience with Google ads. Working with marketing may ask you to hire a professional digital marketer but what you will receive from a digital marketing professional will be fascinating for your app journey. Check what your competitors are missing in their journey of advertising and focus on everything you can. Design the landing page so beautifully that you do not get a bounce rate easily.

5. Start a Blog:

Blogging always helps in attracting new users and preserves the old customer base. What you post must be relevant to the user queries and should surround the issues that customers are facing. You can create a website for your application where you have all the details of your application, like how the app works, terms and conditions, blogs, and about your company as well. You can use the website for promotional purposes as well. Conduct SEO strategy for the website to ensure the presence everywhere your customers are trying to find something with your keyword. Blogging also helps in increasing brand awareness and that’s important for your app to be a success story.

6. Never Forget Social Media:

Social media helps in creating a strong community for your application. One of the best digital promotion strategies is to build a fan base on trending social media channels. Analyze and find out when your audience is most active on that channel and then schedule a time to connect with your audience. Post some engaging content that your audience would love to see and try to respond to their comments. It would be good enough to take their reviews on your ideas and analyze what they are thinking about something that you are implementing in your application. Use some relevant hashtags to stay trending on social media.

7. Launch Referral Schemes:

Referrals work as a personal recommendation and you can benefit your business by launching some referral schemes. Many applications use the strategy of sharing and earning to get referred by their user. You can also opt for this scheme. You can also ask your friends, family, colleagues, etc to share the application as much as they can. But users share something with others that they find worth sharing, so better include the best features to your application before asking for a referral. You can also pick up some email marketing techniques to connect with the customers on a professional note. You can hire a digital marketing company to offer you some stunning email marketing packages. Hire a trusted digital marketing company that can also help you with other activities like analyzing your competitors, market research, launching ads, and targeting customers.

Final Thoughts:

Before launching an application, you need to make sure that you have prepared a dedicated fan base for that application. Sometimes, you create an absolute marketing strategy but you lack in creating app features efficiently. Try to avoid this mistake, as sooner or later, you will lose your customer if they do not find your application worth using. If you do not have enough resources to create an application, you should hire a mobile app development company that can offer digital promotion services as well. You can always optimize the application even after launching it on the play store or app store, but solid market research will give you a chance to get started on the right path.

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