Questions You Should Ask Your Web Developer While Hiring to Avoid Regrets Later
Questions You Should Ask Your Web Developer While Hiring to Avoid Regrets Later

Currently, there are 1.88 billion active websites and 4.45 billion internet users worldwide, according to statistics. The audience prefers a magnificently designed and efficiently developed website. Statistics also mention that 88% of online customers don’t return to a website where they feel a bad experience. To develop an efficient website, you need to hire the right web developer.

This blog will narrate some questions that you should ask your web developer before hiring them, so you do not regret hiring them later.

1. How many websites or projects you have completed?

A genuine and relevant experience is what you should consider. When it comes to website design and development, you should hire a web developer who has years of experience, especially when your web development team is not large enough. Examine their previously developed websites and check if the expertise matches the level you are looking for. After all, you will be building a business website, a masterpiece, a platform where your online business will exist.

2. What platform you will be using to build the website and the reason behind it?

There are dozens of web platforms available. Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, etc. A web platform is the fundamental foundation of your website. There are some pros and cons associated with each web platform, so ensure to ask the reason behind the platform that your web developer tells you.

3. What’s your research process?

This is the question where you can check the hands-on expertise of your web developer. This will distinguish pro developers from amateurs. The right developer will ensure that they are creating a website by analyzing your market and audience. They will try to know your targeted audience, your goals, your unique brand identity, etc.? If your developer is not searching for answers to such queries, then you should think again before hiring them.

4. What are your strategies to ensure the website is SEO-friendly?

SEO ensures that your website appears on SERP when keywords related to your website are searched. Don’t be fooled by developers who try to manipulate you by insisting SEO happens after the website is designed. The best SEO is planned into the foundation of a website. A site without efficient SEO leads to failure from the start, but you may pay thousands of bucks later to SEO specialists when you realize it. It’s best to search for another option if your developer doesn’t know keyword research and other optimization strategies.

5. How do you handle mobile responsiveness?

91.54% of the world’s population (that’s 7.62 billion) own a featured smartphone. That narrates the fact of how important mobile responsiveness is for your business. Google also prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over not-so-mobile-friendly websites. Ask your web developer how they will ensure an efficient mobile-friendly feature in your website. Remember, mobile optimization is key to success, and always test your website on a variety of mobile phones before launching it.

6. How long will it take to develop a website from start to finish?

 If you have a deadline to complete the website, make sure that you ask your web developer about this question so you can get to know if the person you are hiring can accomplish the project within the deadline. Also, get to know how they assign their work schedules, as different tasks in web development take different times to get accomplished. Alongside, become acquainted with the detailed web development workflow.

7. What new technologies or programming languages you have learned recently?

It is crucial for your business to stay updated with the latest technology stacks. Therefore, the web developer you are about to hire must be familiar with the recent technologies and programming languages. Check if their mentioned technologies are relevant to your business and how you can beneficiate from that technology stack. If your developer isn’t interested in upgrading their knowledge, it’s time to go for another option.

8. What’s your opinion about the current website?

This question will help you understand how swiftly and efficiently they analyze a website. Also, you may check if they have already researched your website and business. Even if they haven’t researched your business, they can go through your product site in front of you and provide any suggestions. The analysis will help you to compete with your competitors.

9. Which industries do you show interest in?

Well, it’s quite obvious for a developer to acquire expertise in each industry and build amazing websites. But, it is also important for you to know what industries fascinate your developer. Be sure that your developer clearly defines their area of expertise. It is more important for you to hire a person who has in-depth knowledge in 1 or 2 areas rather than average knowledge in each field.

10. Will I be able to make edits?

The purpose of this question is to know if you can edit your code on your own even if your developer isn’t with you. Know if their previous clients were able to make edits easily. Will you be able to make changes even without programming knowledge? Know if they are setting easy access to make changes and updates on the website? Try to find out as much information as you can for this question.

11. What are the previous achievements? Can I speak to your clients?

One of the main things is that just don’t go with the words of your developer. Ask them to show some achievements and take contacts of their previous clients. Get to know previously developed websites. A good web developer will fulfill this requirement without any hesitation. Well, you will be able to hire an honest and unbiased person.

Wrapping up:

Finding the right web developer is a tricky part but you need to show some patience. Research more and more about how you can examine the right one. List down your requirements and then you will be capable of hiring who you’re looking for. Another alternative option is to hire a trusted and reputed web design and development company. The professionals will work with you on a legal contract and you can reach out to such agencies anytime you want. But the thing is, you need to hire a trusted company.

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