Reasons Why Should Entrepreneurs Appreciate Conversational AI
Reasons Why Should Entrepreneurs Appreciate Conversational AI

With each advancement in technology, new features and tools come together to boost a company’s communication skills. Communicating with customers has never been this easy and uprising. Subsequently, conversational AI is that tool nowadays that helps businesses to conduct a seamless and rich conversation with customers.

Businesses should realize the fact that AI is a dynamite field, making its own place in every industry, domain, or whatever is possible in this digital world. Commanding over both, text and voice mediums, conversational AI helps you assist your client in an efficient manner. Customers don’t have to wait for a human to respond to their queries.

In this blog, you will discover tidy information about what Conversational AI is, how it works and how it will beneficiate your business. Let’s get started.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is the assemblage of technologies behind computerized automated messaging and speech-enabled applications. It offers human-like communication between humans and computers. It is capable of recognizing text and speech, the understanding purpose of communication, decoding different languages, and responding back that imitates a human conversation.

Applied Conversational AI requires art and science to build successful AI applications that perform personalized, contextual human to computer interactions. Chatbots have acquired acceptance from numerous enterprises, companies, or businesses but not every chatbot contains conversational AI encapsulated. The evolution in Conversational AI has measured a long way from SMS and phone calls to web chats and smart speakers.

Some researchers state that by 2025, the conversational AI market is foreseen to grow to $15.7 billion globally. With such a growth rate, this technology is a must for your business to stand out from the competition.

How Does Conversational AI Work?

Whilst you know what a conversational AI is, it is time to know how it actually works. How it interprets human conversations and then reverts back in human language as well. Let’s understand how it works all together and makes it convenient to communicate with a computer.

Conversational AI makes it possible to establish a rich conversation between machines and humans with the combination of two technologies, i.e. NLP and ML. Let’s figure out what these two technologies are briefly:

1. Natural Language Processing (NLP): 

NLP is a technology that builds machine models which are capable of understanding and responding to text or voice data. Conversational AI will respond based on prior experiences and NLP helps it understand patterns, phrases, words, etc. Once it is able to understand the words and phrases, then it will move on to Natural language generation where AI imitates the conversation.

2. Machine Learning (ML): 

In simple words, Machine learning encapsulates that the technology learns and upgrades itself. The more input data it gets, the better it becomes in understanding patterns and anticipating the suitable and best response. It uses the collected information to improve its learning.

 Now, you have a clear picture of the technologies behind conversational AI that makes it possible to converse with humans. Take a look at how it works through an example. Think about you want to know when your order will be delivered and check the process how a chatty AI will respond to you?


conversational AI NLP process


Why Conversational AI For Your Business?

At this moment in time, you have a basic understanding what Conversational AI is and how it works. It’s the moment where you should understand why it is the best fit for your business. Contemplate below to know the business benefits of the technology that will revamp your business.

1. Personalized Conversations:

Conversational AI offers a personal touch in the conversation with a human. It engages with customers by imitating human-like conversations. It fetches preferences and interests from the previous data and offers personalized service. That’s a plus point for your business when your customers feel a personalized welcome.

2. Process Automation:

Conversational AI helps in recognizing and responding to low-effort interactions. Some tasks are repeated ones or low-efforts and don’t require human intervention, it’s the point where Artificial Intelligence can be of much help. It responds to the customer as needed.

3. Improves Decision Making:

AI Conversational solution helps businesses to understand their customers- background of the interaction, concern, context of the message, etc. in an efficient manner. Businesses can upgrade their revenue by precisely analyzing this information and making good decisions that work both ways- business and customer.

4. Improves Accessibility:

Businesses try to establish a good reputation for their brand and seek for providing higher accessibility to customers. AI that converses with humans can help in adding affluent features like text to speech or audio to text functionalities that will help people with disabilities. It is just an example, but the fact is that use cases will grow as the technology will grow. An idiomatic AI can be used in other versions like AI enabled chatbots, Voice Assistants, Mobile assistants, Interactive Voice Recognition systems, and chatbots.

5. Attracts Sales:

A conversational assistant that consume AI can assist your customers 24*7 without any delay in the response. Your customers build trust in your brand as they know your services are accurate. This on-time support for your customers helps customers in revisiting your business for their respected needs and automatically drives sales for your business.

How CTS Can Succor You on Conversational AI Journey

This form of AI might be in its inception stage but the fact is, this is growing globally and businesses are adopting it too fast to upraise their customer experience efforts.

While other businesses are embracing the newer technologies, being a  dominant AI development company, we encourage startups, enterprises, mid-level, and large companies to use the most of the AI as it is the future and you have to work for your future to stay ahead in the competition.

We work with robust and latest technologies to build seamless, feature-rich, and secure applications. AI app development has been our prime focus now to build applications that your business requires.

Reach out to us and take a step to offer your customers what they need.

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