Team Player HR

With COVID-19 still going Ga-Ga over mankind, the Work-From-Home culture has become a permeate reality for the majority of the agencies. This is why we feel proud as a part of an important project like Here, we've built out a website where you can enhance your employee's efficiency, it also drives high-performance team-building activities for HR and management of any organization. You can also check out a value calculator we've built for

Magic Kitchen

With our hectic daily schedule, cooking can be a daunting task and this is why our Magic Kitchen App project was very special for us. Our client came up with an idea to create an app to manage meals for customers who are looking for quick meals. Magic Kitchen app helps you get frozen meals delivered right at your door step, just Heat & Eat. You can check out the app from AppStore.


Through our expertise in developing a website, Android application, and iOS application, we were able to bring our client's vision to life. Our hard work and dedication were reflected in the practicality of the platforms we created, which included custom feature development, responsive designs, and seamless navigation. These key elements ensured that we delivered on our promises.


Ever wonder how would you know if your children have safely reached their schools? Or think about not being able to get connected with your children's teacher due to your tight schedule for months. Well, to solve this problem, we build KidyView Parent for our client. Our main challenge was to make sure this app works smoothly for everyone: teachers, parents, and non-teaching staff. With the help of this app, you'd be able to track,

  • Student's ​​Check-in/ Check-out time
  • Academic Calendar
  • Attendance/ Assessment Management System
  • Pay school fees
  • Track school's bus
  • Receive results or reports from school
And many other cool features. You can get the app here.

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